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Daith peircing

Hi guys I said I would let you know how I was getting on with my daith peircing, well it's been 4 weeks since the peircing and I've had my usual 2 migraines in that time, the good news is instead of the usual 5 days they have only been for 2 days then with a low grade headache for the remaining 3 which I'm made up with, so it was worth doing guys 🐶

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I had a Daith piercing back in February. My migraines became less frequent pretty much straight away and less intense too. I have had chronic migraines for the past 6 years getting them as frequently as 2/3 a week. My migraines haven't stopped but are definitely more manageable. I get them about once a month or so. I sometimes have migraine symptoms now without headaches. Altogether I am very glad I got my Daith piercing :)


Yes whatever any medical survey says, I'm still glad I had mine done. My migraines haven't stopped but they are less frequent and not as severe. 👏 I had it done a year ago

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