Taking matters into my own hands?

Do you guys think it is a good idea to take magnesium as a preventative. Talked to my doc today that they've been waking me up for 2 days straight and that I've had to take excedrin so I said can I start taking a preventative and she said yea we might have to do that. Then she never said anything and when I asked the nurse to tell her she just said to take excedrin. I'm worried to start magnesium because what if I somehow OD

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  • I take magnesium daily. I guess it helps a little however it's no answer. I live in NZ and take naxalt at the onset of one.

  • Lots of people take magnesium on this forum and swear by it, they could tell how much to take without risk of overdose.

    However I asked my neurologists about it and they said all the data on magnesium is very old and was inconclusive which is why they don't recommend it.

    So it's up to you, I think you have to take it for at least three months before you should expect any improvement. So you'll have to be patient. The same for q10 and feverfew.

  • lots of people find that magnesium can give them diarrhoea - think it depends on the exact form - but other than that I'm not aware of any dangers associated with supplemented magnesium but if you want to read up on this I find that this is a good resource - EFSA = European Food Standards Agency


    They do review recommendations from time to time so it is worth checking for any updates

  • I take magnesium daily 450mg per day, all migraines should take it because we can't eat it.

    Helps to balance electrolytes 😊

  • What type of magnesium do you please .. wgat ones cross through the brain barrier ?

  • Forgot to say you need chelate form

  • I have just started taking 400mg Magnesium daily along with my usual meds.

    I friend who is also a migraine sufferer swears by it.

    I did alot of research before hand, but after my recent three day/night migraine I'll try anything.

    Allow several months to build up in your system.

  • I was told to take magnesium because I suffer with missed beat by a cardiologist years ago, it apparently help the muscles in the heart! I must admit I didn't take it then but I've just started taking them , because my missed beats have come back with vengeance, funny thing is I've been having terrible migraines for the last couple months, so it hasn't helped me...I do believe something are better for some not others ...

  • Can't OD on magnesium. Just take recommended dosage However, you could ask your pharmacy if they interact with your meds. Good luck.

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