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Advise please

Hi wonder if anyone could give me some advise I had a operation a week ago on my hand and have a really bad migraine which I do suffer with but not had one in ages and it's the second one in a week normally I wouldn't worry but in 2008 I had PE in my lungs and no hat once you have had it once your at a higher risk of getting them again I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing but am concerned and it's a sat so carnt phone my doctors so thought some one might have some advise should I be worried or not ?????

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Hi there 😆 hopefully it's just the stress of the operation and it'll settle down.

Definitely mention it to your doctor though.

Feel better soon 😆


I had a 2 week long migraine following an op to insert a stent in an artery in my brain recently. None of my usual meds or those given at hospital discharge would touch it. I kept in touch with the ward and went back to my GP when I could. But essentially they just said to keep taking the painkillers and rest.

Check out PE symptoms - don't recall from what I was told that head pain was indicative of PE tbh - there is lots of info online which might reassure. And if you are still worried get to the GP asap as they can book you in for ultrasound or a scan if they deem it necessary.

Hopefully though it is simply your body responding to the trauma of the op. Even a little op is a big thing to a body which needs to go into repair and protect mode. As a migraineur it may well be that your body's default mechanism for that is to give you an almighty headache so you have to go and lie down and be still. This is certainly my body's MO!

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👍👍 absolutely malalatete 😆


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