Natural Remedies

After reading several posts, I have seen several people give their natural remedies that work for them.

Interested to know everyone elses? And perhaps a great source of info for others to gain from.

There was a migraine conference online a few months ago and they said one of the most significant remedies from all the feedback was one tspn ginger powder in hot water. I have tried this at onset of headache and it was disgusting! SO strong and it didn't work. I have also tried gnawing on raw ginger at onset but no luck either. Not meaning to be negative about those two results, but who knows, it may work for some of you.

So really keen to hear of other natural remedies.


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  • Not really a "natural remedy" but hoy wheat packs on the back of the neck and forehead work great for getting the blood flowing and reducing the severity of the headache

    Also using peppermint oil on the temples works for me sometimes

    Hope this helps

  • Same here, no joy from ginger.

  • Google The Stanton is all natural and has got me off my meds.


  • Boiled potatoes.

  • I am giving all the 'alternatives' to medication a try as feel it can't make me worse. Still looking for one that works for me

    Magnesium, cq10, riboflavin, feverfew. Essential oil mixes with peppermint lavender etc.

    Electronic devices - gammacore and Cefaly

    Oh and a Daith piercing!

    But don't try them all at once, lol

    Good luck

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