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Alternative to Zomig required?

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Hello, I’m 72 years old and have suffered migraines since my early twenties. I have tried many remedies over the years but found that Zomig was the most effective. But because it isn’t recommended for over 65 year olds (constricts blood vessels) my GP recently prescribed Bisoprolol (beta blocker). I had to come off this because of side effects as happened years ago when I first tried it. I seem to be very susceptible to side effects of medication! Howerever, i’m lucky that my migraines are not as severe as they used to be. I’m going back to see my GP and would be grateful if anyone else has been in my situation and has found a solution? Thanks.

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I found maxalt in tablet form that dissolves to be good. No side affects for me compared to zomig or immigran

Thanks Romano for your reply but I believe Maxalt is a triptan like Zomig and I would be unable to take it because it will constrict blood vessels..

I had migraines for 35 years

I am 60 now. I always ised to take Zomig or Sumatriptan. Last year I went to the migraine centre in London. First I had Botox and it was very helpul. This meant I was a good candidate for surgery.

Dr Muehlberger operated. On the muscles at the back of my neck and my forehead.

My migraines are hugely reduced. I used to have 4-5 per month.

I have had 4 since June.

Worth looking into?

Alice Pickering


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Nillyjane in reply to Cydney123

Alice, So sorry for late reply but I've not been well. I will look into Botox but don't think I'm a candidate for surgery! Pleased to know that your migraines are greatly reduced.

Hi I understand how you are feeling, as I am begining to wounder what the next option is. I am 60 and had migraines from age 4, so cannot see them stopping. I have had many health and body changes recently so not sure what to put it down to, but my migraines have reduced to one or two a month. Two years ago I started with abdominal pain, various treatments operations have not relived it. I take Toprimate daily and now take Nortriptyline for abdominal pain, but migrains have reduced. I also take an anti emetic, as the nausea/vommiting prevents analgesia from working, and Sumataprin nasal spray for an attack. Have you tried a preventer?

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Nillyjane in reply to tog12

Sorry Tog for late reply. I've tried various preventers but have had to stop them due to bad side effects. I'm still using Zomig when I've had an attack but am now trying Feverfew. No side effects but migraines not reduced yet but have only been taking them a few weeks.

Hi Nillyjane-I know there is prolly a interesting story behind that name. I had tried taking fever few that I bought but it wasn't effective either, but migra spray is still doing well by me and I haven't taken a triptan since dec 23rd i order it on-line and have bought 6 at a time for a discount after I found out it was working Im 71 and was taking daily Triptans for my daily migraines -good luck,.by the way where are you from?


Hi Larry, I started with Feverfew as I could buy it locally and intend to look at migra-spray at a later date. I'm in the UK and have just noticed that 'nonameavailable' has said "can't source migra-spray, USA can post". Will have to look into this? Anyway, It's good to know that it has greatly reduced your migraines.

here's a link

Many thanks for the link. My daughter lives in Portland, Oregon and I'll be visiting her in May so will order some Migra-spray whilst I'm there - the shipping cost will be cheaper!

Read about Aimovig online and print info for your doc. It's new. It's preventive.... prevents triggers from causing your blood vessels to dilate. Has been a miracle for me. Maybe it will work for you.

Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately Aimovig hasn't been licensed by the NHS so unable to obtain it.

I've had about 50 different meds,botox,oxygen therapy,acupuncture,daith piercing Cefely and many other attempts at ridding my daily migraines, I now have been clear or migraines over 2 weeks with Migra-spray which is mainly Fever-few. I had tried fever few in the past but this seems to be a ideal mixture and is available on-line only-let me know if it helps you.

Hi there ,

Are you in UK or USA. Can't source migra spray 😕 USA can post. However just as expensive to pay postage as buy spay

Sorry for late reply. This is something that I intend to try. At present I've started to take Feverfew tablets. No side effects, thankfully, but it hasn't reduced my migraines (about 1 a week). However, I've only been taking it for a few weeks and believe it can take up to a couple of months to take effect.

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