Migraine relief

I thought I would update.

I have been given sumatriptan again by my GP, which does seem to do the trick, but after having these in the past the effect wears off gradually.

I researched a lot about migraine relief and natural remedies, and found that peppermint and lavender oil is really good for helping. I purchased both from eBay £0.99 each (or you can buy from other online or retail shops) rather cheaply. If you dilute the oil with some water (if you don't dilute enough it can irritate) and rub a little on your temples and across your forehead, it seems to ease the migraine instantly. Reapply if necessary, but I recommend taking a pain relief with this too.

I also heard that having potato slices placed on the forehead helps too- I tried this once but probably not long enough. Will do this again and update.

Let me know if this helps others :)

I'm also aiming to get a Daith piercing shortly, and will update!

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  • Thank you so much for the updates and natural remedy suggestions. What a support this group is. 💚💜

  • Daith piercing completely stopped mine for 3 weeks but after the swelling went down the migraines gradually came back however they are not as intense and not as often but I've also purchased a Chi machine, started doing neck and shoulder excercises, take magnesium, glucosamine, feverfew, evening primrose oil. Something is helping or maybe a combination of all

  • That's really good news! I'm glad your migraines have reduced. I have feverfew and magnesium here but they didn't work for me before, I'm always willing to try again!

    I will see about getting a chi machine too- I heard a tens machine has worked for people in the past too?

    I am constantly using henna powder and vinegar as a means to tame the migraines so am hoping soon there will be some relief.

    thanks for the messages :) and please continue to share your remedies and support :) 💜💜

  • also wanted to add, coriander seeds with hot water over the top, and inhaling the fumes is another home remedy I found. will try this but would like others to let me know please :) 💜

  • Sumatriptan works but if you use it more than once a week, there's a serious risk of getting a rebound headache worse than the one you had originally. Many migraine patients are suffering from rebound headache rather than migraine. Use with EXTREME caution.

  • Thanks for the info! I normally get through sumatriptan like no tomorrow, going through a pack and a half in a week normally, at least one a day. I have run out this week and tried not to get a repeat, but am still struggling.

    will try and get Daith piercing this week and let you all know what happens.

    any more info for this community would be great, please let us know any tips or remedies. 💜💜

  • What is a Daith pearling?

  • A daith piercing is a piercing in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Advocates say it works in the same way as acupuncture, targeting pressure points on the body’s surface to ease discomfort.

    take a look on google for images :)

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