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Chronic migraine - some pain - is Botox the answer??

Hi Everyone...

I've had chronic migraine without aura since 2009. I have 3 states, unaffected maximum of a week per month, and sensitive to triggers the rest of the time! If I'm unlucky to be exposed to too many triggers, in my case, in particular - stress, certain types of lighting, and big changes in routine I have;

The left side of my face, starts with a feeling like numbness or toothache, then goes up and affects my left eye making the eyeball feel like stone. My vision becomes affected - which spooked an optician as it's an acute increase in pressure. I, also, cannot think straight, and will stammer - meaning I need to think hard to get words out. I can get somewhat bad tempered as well! I get tinnitus, and hyperacousis. I also get tingling fingers or toes, or I cannot "feel" things properly so drop things unless I press harder. I also become slightly more prone to choking. The intensity changes during the day, and the whole attack will last for 3-5days. I get euphoric after the attack for a day or so.

However, I also have other symptoms - I know one's coming a day before because I get tired, and sleepy. I will have nightmares the night before being affected and get depressed and anxious. My eyesight becomes very sharp and I become very sensitive to light. I also become hyperacoustic and have increased tinnitus. I get these symptoms during the attack as well.

Up until now I've tried short term triptans - these tend to alleviate symptoms to liveable with - Zomatriptan appears to be the one I've settled on. I take ibuprofen - sometimes helps.

I've also tried, thankfully stopped,(!), long term triptan treatment - Lamotrigine was the one I settled on, and, I think, I may have been permanently affected by its side-effects. :-(

I'm still struggling with symptoms... I type this in a darkened office, knowing full well that I will need to take a break afterwards. I also know the only way I've been able to avoid being chronically affected with full blown symptoms is by being very aware, and trying to avoid triggers, and changing behaviour to cope with symptoms when they come to lessen its impact on me.

I've been offered Botox injections. But I'm concerned, which is why I have detailed my specific symptoms - my primary issues is not really pain, but other symptoms and I wondered whether other people with similar symptoms have had Botox and have they found it beneficial to their condition?

All input gratefully received! ;-D

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Me too - I'd appreciate any input as I should actually be going for it tomorrow!

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I've suffered for 23 years and have your symptoms fact it's like reading about me. My migraines were triggered even by smells. I thought my life was just one big migraine and I would never get any relief.

I have the loss of feeling in the side of my, blurred vision, then complete loss of sight in on eye (normally my left), horrendous jaw pain in my right side, tinnitus, loss of feeling in my right arm & leg (so much so I had to swap to an automatic) loss of words, concentration burn sensations in my skull and sore skin along with all the normal light pain and sickness. For this I for many years took daily anti depressants, triptans, relievers and analgesics.

Then I also added in the nerve blocker injections every 2 months.

Finally 3 weeks ago I had 33 injections of botox and after an initial adjustment period of feeling a bit off (not mega pain, not a mega migraine, just a bit of shoulder pain, sickness and a bit tired - flu like.)

It's AMAZING! I have still had minor headaches, and I know I would have had migraines because some of the arua symptoms are there, but I have my life back!

For me it's a life changing miracle!

The injections are slightly uncomfortable but only take 15 mins and the side effects of the initial 2 weeks are nothing

Hope you find relief!


I know what you're going through, I've had similar symptoms, I also get vertigo with it along with pins and needles on my skull, lack of concentration, people tell me "it looks like you're having a stroke" I've been having Botox every 3 months for the past year. I now have a life. I still get migraines, but symptoms are no where near as severe. I can get a migraine in the night (most of mine start then) and I'm able to get up and go to work the next day. I've even gone 2 months without one, previously I was getting them every week with more migraine days than clear ones. My neurologist has worked with me to get to this point. I don't know what triggers mine, diarised everything, but I was getting very stressed, it was affecting me work which also stressed me. Felt like a vicious circle but with Botox I can at least see light in that very dark tunnel. It is definitely worth trying. Every 3 months are not the same, but they are definitely better, hope it helps you.


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