Daith's 4 months on!

Well here we are no further forward than I was in January! My daith's are still in place but apart from looking nice are of no use to my headache's as chocolate is for a teapot! I myself have since seen a neurologist who has put me on another epileptic drug called sodium Valproate Zentiva, to be taken along side my Topirimate and Amytriptyline. So there we have it triptans still 2 to 3 times a week pretty stones in my ears what more could a girl want. xx

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  • What a nightmare 😭😭 !! You won't know  what planet your on 😭...

  • Ok so maybe I was a litte hasty yesterday!  The daiths have helped a bit with the pain as it is definitely not as fierce as it used to be, I now can continue to work through my day with using the triptans, where before I've had to give up and had to go home. 

  • So sorry to hear the daith piercing hasn't worked for you. My migrains are certainly less intense and less frequent since having it done but not the miracle cure I was hoping as it is for some.

  • I totally agree with you babs1234 mine also are less intense I must have been in a bad mood yesterday!  I do like my daith though and glad I got it done. im a bit like you I wos hoping for something better!

  • Mine are less intense also since having my daith done. I use to be primarily bed ridden and at least now I can function but I too have not had full results from the piercings like some of my friends have stated. Some of my friends have said they no longer get them or have been at least a year without. I guess going from a 10 to about a 3 in pain level isn't anything to complain about.

  • Hi, for me , unfortunately the  daith piercing has definitely NOT worked. I had it done the week after Christmas & was hopeful that it might help at least a little bit but no . I'm still having extremely bad migraines that last anywhere between 1 to 5 days every week , unusually they last for 3, days.

    Why is it so difficult to find a cure for migraine!!!!

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