Constant headaches that won't go

im kinda new here

I've been constantly having headaches for at least 5 days there not getting better I even wake up with headaches however they do slightly ease of as I feel better then yesterday. These headaches are really effecting me and leaving me really confused.

I went doctors yesterday and I had a neurological exam where they tested leg strength balance, vision had a blood sample urine test and everything came out clear with no abnormal results but the headaches haven't gone away I've tried taking paracetamol and that not helping I'm really scared I might have a brain tumour I'm only 18 aswell

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  • Hey Amiro 😆 it's really tiring having constant headache i know 😔 is there anything you can think of that triggered them? Can it be hormonal / contraception your on ( asuming yiur female ).

    Did neurology give you an answer ? Did they not give you any prevention meds?

  • No Meds or anything it was just so sudden and it never goes

  • That's terrible 😣 neurology normally can't wait to fill you with tablets.

    Have you tried migraleve duo from the pharmacy ?

  • Sounds like cluster headaches to me. I get them , when one kicks off used to get up to 6 days constant headaches usually waking me up in the early hours and lasting most of the day. I had a daith piercing last November which helped and I am now taking the recommended migraine supplements and my headaches have halved. Try and find what triggers yours. There are so many triggers I know it's difficult. Good luck

  • Yh i think it was probably a cluster headache normally I don't get headaches which is weird

  • Did something trigger your headache?

    Be careful about taking too many analgesics as they can cause headache.

    It's very unlikely to be a tumour, but if the pain continues you need a scan to confirm.

    Also get your eyes tested as this can rule things out.

    Sorry it's a long list...

    Hope your pain free soon

  • Thank you woke up this morning and my headaches have kind of subsided feel a bit better

  • Amiro,

    I know how you feel - I have had chronic migraines for the last 30 years, but I have learned to manage them. I believe the first thing you need to find out is if the headaches you are having are migraines. Can you describe the pain in your head? Is it more on one side of your head than the other? Does teh pain feel like it is behind your eye or eyes? Do you experience any effects on your vision? Sensitivity to light or sound? Are you nauseous? If these headaches are migraines, there are many options to make them better. When you get a migraine, you can take any number of medications from a family of prescription drugs called "triptans". I take one called Imitrex (sumitriptan), but there are several others that you can try. These are very effective in relieving migraine pain. As for over the counter medications, I find Excedrin to be the most effective (asprin/tylenol/caffeine), as the caffeine helps constrict the blood vessels in your head. There are also many options for medications you can take to prevent migraines, like nortryptaline, topimax, and many others. I also do acupuncture and Chinese massage on a regular basis (once per week) which has helped me tremendously. My recommendation is to find a neurologist who specializes in migraines, and preferable one who has experiences migraines personally. The other thing that is very important is to find your "triggers". My triggers are too much sleep, drinking alcohol (especially red wine), not eating for over 6 hours, working for over 6 hours without a break, not drinking enough water, and not excercising. I now get about 1 mild headache per week, and one medium migraine over two weeks, both of which can be taken away with wither excedrin or imitrex. I used to get 4-5 migraines a week. So hang in there - you can get better, but you need put some effort in. Don't depend on doctors alone - you have to take control of your situation. Good luck.

  • Thanks woke up this morning and the pain has kind of gone

  • Hi. Please read my thoughts about migraine. I've had them for 40 years and have learnt a lot. if I can help anyone 'cut to the chase', I will be hapy.The crucial thing is to focus on working out the triggers you can avoid, sooner rather than later, be very strong about avoiding them, and accept that this is something you will always have to do. I want to pass on my experience to prevent any young people having a miserable future. After years and years of taking otc analgesias, and triptans, as advised by my doctor , this has caused 'transformed chronic migraine' which will never go. I have to take triptans which cause rebound migraine and I struggle to keep the amount down. My doctor now makes me feel guilty about that! It has taken years for me to work out that ALL food was my trigger and I needed to concentrated on modifying my eating habits massively. If I had known this, I don't think I would have needed the many tablets which led to my chronic condition. Socially, no one really understands why I'm reluctant to go out for drinks and meals. It's not much fun eating salad and no dessert or wine while everyone has fun but I wish I'd found out years ago. Please ask me

    if you'd like to know my advise on food. I really believe that, if I had a second chance life would have been better. I'm 60. The bottom line, really, is to keep your tablets minimal and address your triggers very seriously. If necessary, make friends who understand and don't pressurise you socially. Avoid people and things that you feel are harmful. Much love and all the very best to all people who struggle with this problem.

  • Like you I have many triggers and still finding out new ones. Using bleach, the smell of chlorine and even peeling onions can trigger mine off that's before I even start on foods. I used to love going out for a drink with friends, now I am the proverbial party pooper😩

  • First and foremost get another doctor's opinion. For you to be suffering like that you need answers. It is good much was ruled out with the tests, but you need to find a doctor who will go further than what you don't have till they find what the problem is. It is amazing in this day and age but there are still neurologists who can't properly diagnose migraine.

  • Currently I have this weird feeling like there a lump in the right side of my head and I can feel it more when I raise my eyebrow

  • I hope you can find a competent doctor who will listen to you and who won't stop until they know what is wrong.

  • Hi Amiro

    If your headaches have come on suddenly, do you think that it might be muscle related? I had a constant headache for 6 months last year and it was because I'd over worked my upper body and my shoulder seized up. I saw a myotherapist who works on the deeper muscles of the body. 3 visits later, no headaches. I'd also see a gp and ask for diazepam to relax the neck and shoulders. Hope this helps xx

  • Thanks will do

  • My headaches won't go away its everyday what should I do for them.

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