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getting a lot of headaches

i seem to get a lot of headaches,sometimes everyday,sometimes every other day. I have tried cutting down laptop time, early night, cutting down tea and coffee, nice bath, taking it easier at work. Don't think it is stress as i get them even when im not stressed about anything and everything is good! i have tried paracetemol, ibuprofen, given naproxen by the drs, but nothing seems to work. Also have trouble getting to sleep at nights, where it takes me at least an hour to drop off. anyone any adivce or similar? Thanks :D

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Go to a chemists and ask for "4head". It is a natural headache treatment that really works.

It costs a bit but will last for (in my case) years. I have had a daily recurring migraine for the last week, tablets made my dizzy or sleepy but as I had misplaced my 4head I had no option.

After 5days of searching I eventually found it again. Today has been the first with no headache whatsoever. I hope I don't ever lose my little "miracle cure" again.

I do hope you see this.


Have you been doing anything differently since you started having the headaches? My migraines went from only 1 a year, to having several each week all of a sudden. After trying to manage them better so that I am less reliant on medication I realised that the start coincided with me replacing cow milk with soya milk. I have now cut out all soya from my diet and things are much improved (but I'm still not completely clear of them). It might be worth systematically working through all the potential triggers. In my case it seems that an underlying food intolerance elevated my trigger stack to the point of being tipped over into migraine by the smallest thing (e.g. missing 30 mins sleep, or having dinner an hour late).


I have had a migraines a lot over the last 8 weeks - 4Head and Tiger Balm Red label I find good but does not take it away - I sometimes think the medication makes them worse. I have been under a lot of stress lately due to this ESA problem - but yesterday and today are my first FREE days of headache.... I just hope they stay away makes me so miserable !

I also have Systemic Scleroderma and other auto immune conditions including Raynauds which I dont think helps and I definately know that Stress causes problems in this condition !


Make an appointment with The Migraine Clinic in London if you can. I was in you situation - I was having migraines everyday. I now have infrequent headaches, just from a change in lifestyle and cutting down on medication.

Probably best to have someone point out the cause so you can it sorted, like me.


hi my son has been having headaches for the last 4 weeks and was diagnoised 4 weeks ago with chronic migraines , he has epilepsy so dr was unsure about the headaches ,he get sore head then sick he also gets double vision,and cant walk in a straight line ,he has been put on betablockers propranolol they are called ,been taking them for four weeks now and still having headaches , has any one else had this medication .


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