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No pain killers help? Help! two weeks of endless pain

Panadol, panadol extra, panadol extra soluble, paracetamol, codeine. In the past I have tried ibuprofen and aspirin but am not allowed that because of stomach ulcers I might have. (those pain killers don't help either anyway)

HELP! please. I have had this unbearable pain for two weeks and a day 24/7 without rest.

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Boots migraine relief is sumatriptan you can buy it over counter but I would go to go you can get it on prescription and go will check you too

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Definitely a triptan, best one for me is sumitriptan. I think you'll need to get it on prescription as I'm not sure Boots will allow you to buy it if you haven't had it previously. 


Sumatriptan. Over the counter meds don't touch mine...good luck


Go to the pharmacy and ask for migraleve duo, pink and yellow tablets. Try these first and speak to your GP. Take care 😀


I would agree with the others, go to your gp and get a Triptan .

I use naramig and it's a life saver. Also when using so many painkillers, you can also get into a vicious cycle where the drugs themselves cause rebound headaches. Good luck and hope you can get an appointment quickly.


Most defiantly a Triptan medicine but I would go to your GP for advice, do you keep a dairy of your headaches? As this would be useful for your GP also you consider a preventive medicine if this is something that has been happening for a while.


You need to go to your GP.

There are more powerful painkillers than the ones you mention but they are only available on prescription and generally need to be monitored, either because they can be highly addictive, or because they can have other side effects.

Triptans are very effective at relieving migraine symptoms for large numbers of people but they don't work for all and getting doses right can be a bit difficult as taking more than you need can actually make the migraine worse.  They are also vaso-constrictors so not necessarily the best thing to be taking in conjunction with some other conditions.

There are also conditions out there that cause headaches that feel and behave like migraines but aren't necessarily migraines and it is important - given how long this has been going on for you - that your GP rules these out.

Keeping a diary is a good idea as it helps to idenify if there are particular foods or particular hormonal factors that could be causing migraines - and suggest other ways of controlling them if the cause is clearer.

You might also want to consider the possibility of other conditions such as Hugh's syndrome and/or B12 deficiency.

You can find a checklist of B12 deficiency symptoms here just in case other items on the very far ranging list ring bells



Yes, see your GP for a triptan to relieve symptoms; see a neurologist to rule out scary underlying conditions.


I'll ask my doctor about it next week thank you. I'll consider b12 supplements as well.


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