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Iv had 3 lots botox. Now it's not working. Anyone else had success and then stops working?

Hey all. I have had 3 sessions of botox now. My first session changed my life and I was a new person. My second lot was not so successful and my migraines came back. Not as bad but felt like I was heading back to my previous life before botox. Iv just had my 3Rd lot on the 17th of January and and so far iv had a fair few migraines. Any one else had success and then it stops working. I'm really worried as g thought this was my answer and iv tried every preventative drug going. What could be next if there is anything.

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Hi, I,ve had migraine surgery which basically removes the muscles that Botox didn't work ! I still get migraines , yes they may be slightly less painful but my brain still goes through the 'cycle' as it were and I still get all the symptoms of migraine ....... I dont think Botox is the miracle it's cracked up to be. ( of course this is my opinion and my experience ) maybe the first round was placebo effect?

Have you read 'the migraine revolution' it's a fantastic informative book about migraine based around fact and scientific studies and gives a sensible approach to tackling the beast! I,ve already seen improvement in severity of my attacks and have many more things to try. If your at your wits end it's def worth a read , it's changed my perspective on migraine and how to overcome it. Sorry, Prob not the answer you wanted but hope it helps in some way :)


I've had exactly the same experience. My third set of injections has been far less effective after a miraculous experience first time. The only way I can rationalise the situation is that I know my migraine is triggered by, among other things, low atmospheric pressure: my head is like a barometer- if it rains, I usually have a migraine. Since December there has been almost continuously very low pressure and it's forecast to stay that way until the end of the month. It complicates things since if the Botox does not appear to be working, they will not try again.


Never had Botox . But I have read that people who have, and their body has become immune to the botox and no longer works as it once did..SO it's not unusual to what's happened to you. Loads of different causes of migraine. Do try a test on any foods that you may have problems with

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You poor thing! How disappointing, particularly as initial results were so encouraging. I have to confess you've got me worried too as I had my first lot of Botox four weeks ago and like you were, I am a new person. I took just four Zomig last month, that's about a fifth of my normal monthly quota. I'm going to write about my experiences elsewhere on this forum, so won't go on about me here. But maybe your migraines will settle or you'll be able to find some help from other responses. Hope so!


I've had botox for a long time now, admittedly for chornic pain but also in the forehead / neck regions which helps my migraines too. Sometimes it's fantastic, other times it doesn't work as well. If I am brewing a migraine when I have the injections they will tip me over the edge. The last lot of injections happened just before the clocks changed and I had a very bad month, so I'm now taking atenolol which is doing a good job (I hadn't tried anything like that before).

You might find that everything settles down again soon and you have a period of feeling better again - let's hope so. Don't give up hope.


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