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I thought it was high time I updated my previous post. I originally typed the text below as a reply to my original post but it hasn't updated the status from one month ago.

Basically, my experience with the machine was not a positive one and in fact I just had to stop using it after less than a month of daily prophylactic zaps as they were causing me so much pain, localised on where I had been administering them at the base of my skull. They did absolutely nothing to reduce the intensity or frequency of headaches and sometimes my head was just too sore to be able to bear to use the thing!

To be honest, I have often experienced pain in the base of my skull (during a migraine or "just" a headache) ever since I had (unsuccessful) GON injections back in January 2013 and I also started my chemo treatment halfway through the prophylactic month (May 2015), so maybe my experiences aren't typical.

The excruciating headaches continue to wake me up some mornings between 4am and 6am, but I've found a series of coping strategies which are much less invasive than my usual resort to Zomig. These start off with a couple of paracetamol and a biscuit and water. I may also take take 1 @ 10mg Motilium (Domperidone) if queasy (prescribed for chemo queasiness, which it might be). I also sit up in bed as there seems to be a postural element and I wrap a microwaved wheat bag in a long thin scarf and apply that to my neck. Finally, after maybe dozing for a while, the final resort is a shower, where hot water on back of neck and forehead, alternately, has finally cleared this pesky pain the last three times it happened. To be honest, having no hair is actually a bonus for this part of the treatment!

So, after a lengthy telephone discussion with (interrogation by) my SpringTMS nurse, I sent it back in early June. I now need to ensure my Neurologist knows it didn't work for me as I believe he is trialling their use.

Incidentally, many thanks to those who have expressed sympathy for my cancer recurrence. The good news is it seems to be responding well to treatment and I can usually pace myself and know when to just chill out, and when I can dash round like a mad thing trying to "carpe diem". My frequent low white blood cell count is the chief worry at the hospital, but chief inconveniences for me are ones I've always had - headaches, nosebleeds and Tachycardia! I'm nearly half way through the anticipated 6 cycles and I'm aware the effects may get worse, but so far, so good.

Hope some of the above may be useful! Best wishes to all, Patti

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Hi patti I to used a hot water bottle under my neck and also found a hot shower helped but lately I have been putting a flannel from the freezer on my head and neck and that seems to be helping more.


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