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Is there a link between frequency of hemiplegic migraines and the use of the Progesterone implant as a form of migraine treatment?

I have been a migraine suffer for 10 years, I suffered from abdominal migraines when I was younger. Now in my teens, I suffer from migraines with aura but have had numerous treatments tried from beta blockers to currently topiramate with the progesterone implant as it has been highlighted that my menstrual cycle is a factor that affects my migraine frequency. However I have noticed that my normal migraines with aura aren't frequent and I haven't had one for a while, but since getting the implant in February (this year) I have started to get more and more hemiplegic migraines. I just wondered is there any research into this and can anyone help? As I also found I had bad side affects to the progesterone only pill and my mum is the same.

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Due to your teenage history of migraine, including the stomach ones and your reaction to the contraceptive pill, it is very important that you get tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS, even if just to rule it out. I have this as do my wider family including my children, often there is a history of autoimmune disease in the family, the wider family. The tests are simple to do, and if you get a positive prevention is the best path, people with Hughes Syndrome, (similar symptoms to hemiplegic at times), often do not react to pain relief very well! If you need further help, of course staying on this forum also, I administrate the Hughes Syndrome Forum on this same platform.

Many of our members also use this one.

Here are the blood tests required, please do them up at the hospital as the samples will be time sensitive, if left hanging around in a GP surgery:

I also have access to a list of specialists across the UK who understand the condition.

I also enclose the symptoms list:



Thank you, Very much, I have a upcoming appointment with my GP so I will ask them about it and ask them for the blood tests


If you suffer migraines please be careful where the pill (or any hormonal contraceptive) is concerned. Especially if the females is your family have problems too.


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