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Migrane suffer for 30 years

I have had migraines since i started my menstrual period, I am now 43. Over the years I have tried narcotics and normal OTC's. I think i have tried everything available. Today I saw a new Neurologist and she ask to try Nerve block in the head.. With the pain i have had over the years, this was the best option for me, I thought let's give it a try. I will say i am NOT needle shy.. It stings less then a bee sting as far as the needle, the medicine will hurt a little more if you nerves are hurting. Dr did the procedure right in the office, 5 minutes later i was on my way home. I have only had this this afternoon, I can say my vision seems better, my injection sites hurt a little but ok, said this should go down in a few days.. I will keep you updated.

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Brilliant. Yes please keep us updated


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