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3rd week migraine free!

I was having migraines weekly which were getting worse - recurring over a few days & had just been prescribed a daily medication (amitriptaline).

I was told about this fast/diet specifically for migraines, but was apprehensive & doubtful about it.

it's three days of only water & grapefruit & then two days of raw fruit & veg. I was told that I'd get a full on migraine which I did, & managed with a rotation of ice packs day & night, telling myself that this was just three days. On day three the migraine went & I'm feeling better & better!

I'm having a fruit or veg juice on most days to stay healthy.

A friend of mine says she does this yearly or so when she needs to (she likes her caffeine).

Rebecca :)

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Just coincidence? Where is evidence base ?


I don't really care what gets rid of my migraines - but if it works... :)


Glad it works for you.

Even if it is just a placebo affect there is nothing wrong with placebo effect - people talk about it as if it is a bad thing but it's significant enough in studies to have been identified as a real thing.

Not sure that I'd want to try it though.


Yeah possibly :) & as you say placebos work! with no side effects either. Following cancer & it's treatments a few years ago I couldn't bring myself to take any more medication. I had tried herbalism, homeopathy, dietary changes etc, & am tentatively thrilled (- in my 4th week migraine free now).

Def worth it, 3 days out of your life to have your life back! x

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