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Confusing medications

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this subject for me. I have just had my second lot of Botox and am waiting for it to kick in. In the meantime my Nueroligist have given me Relpax 80mg ( Eletriptan) and it is making me feel very spaced out, is this journal? Also my question is what are triptans? Are they a pain killer. I have also been given sandomigran and propranolol. I am really relly confused as to what to take. I would love thoughts on this subject. Thanks in advance

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Triptans are pain killers just for migrianes. They make me feel spaced out as well. The other two are preventatives.


Hi Carole. I hope I can help you. I started Botox on 2006, as I signed up for a medical trial. I have only stopped having it earlier this year. Botox makes every other treatment for migraine (including Triptians) be more effective. I have never been on a higher dose of Eletriptan than 40mg and now, mostly I take 20mg. So a 80mg dose sounds, to me, very high indeed, considering the impact of the Botox. I am not surprised that you are feeling spaced out!! It might be worth going back to your consultant or GP and checking that 80mg of a Triptan is a good idea.

Hope you feel better soon!


I also have botox and am on atenolol (similar to propanolol). I occasionally take naratriptan - if you take it (or any triptan) as soon as you get the headache it can stop the headache and the migraine. I think it works by changing the blood vessels and the flow of blood to the brain, which is one theory behind what happens when we get a migraine.

There are several types of triptan. I've had drowsiness on rizatriptan. How many and how often have you been told to take the eletriptan? I don't think you are meant to take too many. It might help if you asked a pharmacist or your GP for some advice.

I find I have mixed results - sometimes they just don't work at all, sometimes they postpone the headache for a few hours, which at least means I can get home safely.

Hope things get better soon.


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