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Chiari 1 Malformation Worsening

Hello, I'm Keira and i am 19 years old.

I recently had a CT scan, and it showed the beginning of a Chiari 1 Malformation.

I have a MRI booked with a Neurosurgeon, and saw a Neurologist, who said It's nothing and the MRI will show nothing wrong but get it done anyway...

My symptoms are worsening, at first it was FIbromyalgia symptoms, like pain all over my body, constantly, itchyness, dizzyness, memory fog, concentration lose.

Then it got to the Migraines, worsening dizzyness, severe Nausea over the last 3 weeks, pins and needles, passing out and incoherantness.

I went to the Emergency, and got told my vitals were good and that i'd been sent home with a wheelchair until my MRI, but It's getting worse, and I cant take Palexia or Sandomygran, and Im getting to my wits end!

I live in Western Australia, can anyone help or give advice???

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