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amitriptyline and gotu kola for migraines?


Suffer from hormonal migraine. Also neck pain aggravates migraine . Started amitriptyline 10mg week ago, had migraine over past 3 days , but no neck pain. Not sure if amitriptyline is working or coincidence. Read about Gotu Kola helping migraines, anyone tried it. Also not sure if gotu kola is ok to take when on amitriptyline?

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Hi, I,ve tried gotu kola for migraine and saw an improvement in severity /frequency of attack. The only downside is that you have to have break from it so 3 weeks on one week off so i stopped. Have you tried natural progesterone cream? Its given me some impressive results. I saw a bio identical hormone Dr at Harley Street. I,m still a work in progress but would reccomend. If you get the medscape app it has a drug interaction checker so may be worth downloading that then you can check anything (herbal or mainstream) that you decide to try.

Hi, thanks for your advice. Why do you have to take break from Gotu Kola, I didn't know that. Also tried progesterone cream< used it on and off for " years > helped migraines at first then they got worse. and certainly did not help with my mood swings. So I stopped, I bought it online at "wellsprings".

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