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Trying to find an answer to migraines.... 4 migraines in one week!

I have just had a migraine aura, now my head is killing me. I have had these for years, (worse when I was younger) with nausea etc..I have now had 4 migraines in the last week, which is very unusual. I exercise and have a good diet.. fairly stressed as I run two businesses, but never feel over stressed...

Can anyone suggest anything?? I am considering going to see a neurologist..??


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Just check out Hughes Syndrome just to rule it out, terrible migraines in childhood or teenage years, and often in the same family other autoimmune disease, thyroid etc and relatives with miscarriages. Neurologists often know nothing about this disorder but it is genuine and exists. If any of the markers look familiar to you, please come back to me. Mary F x


Thanks, have checked it out, but none of the symptoms seem to apply (apart from the migraines obviously) so seems unlikely, plus I am male, which reduces the chances of this significantly..

Appreciate the advice..


Lots of males have it.. including two of my relatives. However if you do decide to test for it, the tests are cheap and easy for a GP to do. If not try the National Migraine Centre for an appointment. Mary F x


My migraines are hormonal and I'm female and I know that a lot of people do go through periods when you can get several. Are you taking anything for the migraines - sometimes it might feel as if it is a new one but it is actually the old one coming back?

Things that have helped me include running - don't know what exercises you do - I always did a lot of cycling but when I started short runs each day I noticed that the frequency and severity of my headaches reduced.

I also find that not sleeping flat helps - but that might be an element of sinus problem that doesn't get triggered.

Do you know what triggers your migraines - is it stressed or is it something else - some people find florescent lights can trigger them - mine can be triggered by smells - tobacco smoke, paint - so may be there is something going on in your environment that has caused the sudden spike.

Visiting the neurologist sounds like a good idea.

Hope you find something that at least reduces them soon.


I have passed on info regarding a PFO. If possible ask to be referred to a cardiologist


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