Strange prolonged chronic headache

Hello.I'm 25 white male. I have no history of any illness. I was having some problems with my anxiety about 4 weeks ago. I was worried and stressed daily. Stress is over for now. Only thing that bothers me now is my headache.I don't remember when exactly it started, probably 3 weeks ago when I was still worried sick. First it was sharp pain on top on my head and it was giving me dizziness. And after that I started to feel different kind of pain. It was pulsating one. It was changing spots from one side of my head to another. Now in the end of the week pain got less severe, it became dull and bit different.Now sometimes I get stiff neck for couple seconds. It comes like a cramp or a spasm and it goes away, but pain moves upwards and goes to side of my head and starts it's journey. Usually I feel pressure in my nose and if I concentrate I can feel as air or something that causes pressure goes through tubes behind my nose and then it's gone. Sometimes I feel pressure on my cheeks or above my eye. But I have no fever and my nose isn't runny so I doubt it's sinusitis.In the mornings I don't feel the pain. Just strange feeling on top of my head on the right side. There is like a spot on my head that feels strange like someone is pulling my hair. Pain only appears after an hour when I wake up. And it's light in the start of the day. I go to sleep with an headache I wake up without it.When I shake my head it doesn't hurt. When I lift heavy stuff I don't feel any changes too.My symptoms are mixed up like I'm having 3 different headache types.And two days ago I started getting pins and needles. On my arms, legs, back and on my face.. Should I be concerned?Can it be brain tumor? I have some red flags about changing pattern and dizziness and chronic pain, but in same time I never had a seizure, vomiting, and cognitive impairment. But I've spoken with person who had BT and she only experienced pain and not these symptoms.I don't really know what to think of this.Thanks for Your answers!

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  • Hi there, stress can really trigger nasty headaches, if I were you I would consider having a few sessions of Shiatsu Massage which can really relieve nervous tension and help you relax. I had a friend who went through similar and ended up unable to sleep, after a couple of these, he felt much better and it all lifted. Stress can make you tense your muscles including those in your neck without you realizing it, and it causes headaches like those you describe. Mary F x

  • I think the clue is in anxieties you're suffering . Headaches Will improve if you go to get help for anxiety.

  • The first question question I always ask is, "Have you asked your doctor about the headaches?"

    As a veteran migraine sufferer, it sounds as if some of your headaches might be migraine but not others. I have a variety of headaches in the same way. In any event, it sounds as though the stress you experienced was the trigger, so they could be tension headaches. Such headaches are part of my experience, too, and I'm also aware that, even though the stress may seem to have gone, the memory of the stress remains and it's my belief that even the memory can be stressful. Having said that, I'm a natural worrier and if there's apparently nothing to worry about, I worry that I might have forgotten something!

    Anyway, I come back to what I suggested at the start. Discuss the headaches with your doctor and if you think it's appropriate, ask him to refer you to a neurologist. Your doctor might suggest that anyway.

  • Just to say that I totally agree with the Surveyor - talk to your GP about the headaches.

    You've probably got loads of 'what if' scenarios playing in your head as well which may not be helping. At least if you go to the doctor you can unravel the 'what if's one at a time.

    Hope it works out and the headaches stop coming back in the mornings.

  • Definitely talk to your GP as a first port of call, and if you don't feel you are getting anywhere come and see us at National Migraine Centre. Stress can be part of it but stress alone doesn't tend to trigger migraines, it is normally a combination of things. So if you are doing everything else right and you get stressed, you may avoid an attack coming on. The key is to manage your lifestyle to limit these triggers. However, new headache should always be investigated by a healthcare professional so get to your doctor! Only 1 in 1000 headaches are caused by an underlying health problem, so I think your worries about a brain tumour are quite unlikely but you wont know until you see a specialist. They will carry out a simple neurological examination - see our medical director going through one here:

    This will quickly rule out serious cause for concern. And as thesurveyor said to have different types of headache is totally normal! All the best.

  • Thank You all for Your answers! I really apreciate it.

    I made an appointment with my GP and will visit neurologist too. I`m thinking of getting MRI scan just in case.

    I never expierence an aura as such. I do get strange feeling of pressure in my nose before pain kicks in. And pins and needles are random. I've heard people get them with their auras. Many Thanks

  • Am thinking definately anxiety-maybe a trapped nerve mixed in?

    But definately anxiety. I had CONSTANT dizziness and surreal feeling for over 3 months with anxiety.

    But if you like me-for reassuance-see GP!! Xx

  • Hello, I'm back again.

    Pins and needles almost went away. I do still get them but in very light form.

    I've spoken with my GP couple days ago he prescribed me Sanomigran. He said it should cure my migraine. He didn't even consider me having something serious. He said that MRI scan is not necessary and I do not need to visit my neurologist. But I'm having strange mild pain almost all the time in same spot on top of my head. Thanks

  • Hi, how are you finding the Sanomigran? Is it helping ur headache? My Dr has prescribed me it also for chronic daily migraine but im a little afraid to take it because of all the scary side effects. I am going to try 5htp and exercise before i take the Sanomigran as i know u cant take them together as its dangerous.

    I had 1hormonal migraine a month till i was 25 then started to get them at different times more often & then they transformed into everyday. Unless uv had migraine ppl jus really dnt understand, i dnt blame them too much though because i dnt think every1 gets that its so much more than the pain, its the irritability, the tiredness, the cognitive impairment not being able to think clearly.

    I am determined to cure my migraines, i did it once before by cutting out all sugar & most carbs, only ate healthy veg & lean meats, exercied daily & i take magnesium h a b vitamin daily which helps me unbelieveibly. I have also read meditation has shown great improvement 4 migrainers. So im going to start tryin it daily also, its so great to have a forum like this were us fellow migrainers can share & learn :)

  • I know this is an old post but your description best matches my experience currently. Did you find out any more in the last couple years? Did the pain go away?

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