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Vertigo does it have a permanent solution?

Hi,I am Rakhi . I write this for my mom,who is 68yrs old now.She often has the attack of vertigo , during which she feels fatigue and finds difficulty in moving about.she also experiences panting.Are these the symptoms of vertigo or something else?How can I help my mom get back her vitality?.Is there a permanent cure in homeopathy.

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Hi, I don't have an answer to the question of a permanent solution . I think it tends to come and go and might be dependent on other things going on like infection, strength of immune system and mood. I think it's always worth exploring homeopathic treatments as long as they don't interfere with any other conventional meds being taken. I think levels of stress and ability to relax can impact on how bad the vertigo attack is... Just my experience X


Hi,I am glad to see the response given to my query.Thank you so much.


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