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did anyone have a funky reaction to botox?

I have vestibular migraines. I had my first botox treatment on 23 March. The day after I had a fever, was vomiting, extreme head and back pain. Now I mainly have the fatigue, plus head pain, plus dizziness.

I have heard good things about botox but did anyone have a weird reaction like me? Still struggling. My legs feel weak :(

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Hi ya. I suffer from hemiplegic migraines for many years and have been completely "drugged" for half of my life either on preventive medication or pain killers.

I started botox in October 2016 and all I can tell you is that I wish I started it before.

I am now doing botox and natural supplements only and I have my migraines completely under control.

I went from having a migraine that lasts 3 days, 2 day break and on again...that was my life! Now I might get the odd migraine caused by hormonal issues, I suppose that's normal for anyone.

Abt the side effects, I heard and read in a lot of places that the botox MUST be administered by a very experienced person, otherwise, not only it doesn't work but it can have nasty side effects.

My neurologist is specialized on botox treatments, I never had any side effects at all, not one side effect. It is actually very relaxing for stressed people like me (ahah), it relaxes the neck muscle s.

You won't see results on the first treatment, it takes a second round to show effects.

I hope it works for you, there is nothing worse than stupid migraines.

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Hi yes, I had an awful time with botox. I had injections on 23 December, day before my birthday, 2 days before Xmas, ruined completely. I had constant head pain, nausea and exhaustion. This went on for about a fortnight, only to be replaced by migraines 5 days out of every 7 until injections wore off, roughly 3 months. Just been back for following appointment but refused more injections. On the plus side it did ease the constant pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders. I did look up treatment before having it, but only found positive posts ! This was like a last resort for me as have been through all the drugs over the years. I was average 18 migraines a month prior to botox. Things seem to be calming down now, but I was very low for these three months. I hope your symptms settle down soon, all the best


Thank you I still feel awful :(


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