Quit or be pushed?

Wondered if anyone can help, I currently work full time in a admin role for a charity, but have had a high level of sickness recently and poor performance. I now have a capability hearing on Tuesday. Iv spoken to Acas and while they were really helpful, it does just feel like I'm going through the motions to be pushed out the door.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with employers ? What did you do?

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  • Yeah i was off 21/2 yrs, had union and occ health support but they just wanted me to give a date i could return and i couldn't give them one.

    I was at the mercy of the medical profession and they took so long to assist that i lost the first 10mths just waiting.

    I was registered as disabled and was covered disability rules but still lost my job with 3mth salary.

    Persistent daily migraines for 3yrs, couldn't even get 2 or 3 days without one.

    Make sure you speak to CAB and get your rights explained to you.

    Good luck!!

  • The thing is calls is iv only taken 20 days. I no that's a lot for a normal person but for me that's really good! I feel really let down by my employer and I think if I lost my job I wouldn't be seen as sick enough to get any benefits..

  • I've suffered migraine for 40yrs now and only the last 4yrs it's stopped me living my life and taken away life as i know it.

    I haven't applied for benefit, living off savings but i have been told i qualify for PIP but I'm still refusing to accept i won't work, still trying to get fit.

    Speak with your GP and explain your worries.

    Take care

  • Hi,

    It's really difficult, I suggest you visit a neurologist if you haven't before, they will try several options (drugs) to try and help you. Then you can talk to your employer and explain you are trialling drugs, but in the meanwhile you will need there support ect.

    I too am classed as disabled and my work have to give me led weigh, I am currently off sick due to trialling a new drug, had horrific side effects. However I am over the worst and will return soon. I am on restricted hours, doesn't help as a migraine can hit anything time. But unfortunately we often. Don't fit in any of there boxes.

    I am no longer able to do y job, after the migraines became chronic 3 years ago, I had an excellent career for 20 years which I enjoyed. Now if I cannot get better, my work will put me forward for a ill health retirement, however I went through this process last year, and to no avail as I had not exhausted all treatment options and the stickler it's not a permanent condition!!

    So I am treading water hoping a treatment will work, but the light at the end of my tunnel is not glowing as i have tried all the treatment options ( I think)

    We would all rather be fit, have no migraines and have our lives back. This invisible illness is a game changer.

    Try Educating your employers, Nd if you enjoy your job, opt for different treatments - hopefully something will work and save you.

  • I empathise with you, i was in yiur position 12mths ago, ill health retirement wasn't an option for me as they need to prove you can't do any job at all ever. As wee all know migraine can strike / leave at anytime.

    I just went for dismissal due to ill health and I'm determined i will get back to some kind of work but just not there yet!

    Good luck all !!

  • It's awful, my work want to put me forward again for a medical, if they say no I will have to appeal. I can no longer do the job I was employed for, my mind if foggy and I now have memory issues as well as the Migraines. It's as if my brain never repaired!! Ho humm...

    The issue is no one knows enough about Migraines!!

  • Yeah your right. I feel as if i live in a world of fog, memory issues, i could cope if i didn't have so much pain urgh!!

    Yet to meet a neurologist that totally gets migraine!!

  • Stay! What have you to lose by staying ?

  • I understand. I'm also off sick at the moment for other. I am relying on my doctor and other organisations to try and help me but it's hard. I feel useless.

  • Yeah, the help took too long for me, felt like i was on my own a lot and uterly hopeless! !

    Hang in there 😔

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