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Different he.. Still a migraine?

Hi all, hope you're all as well as can be..

I have suffered migraines from age 7/8, tried many preventatives. Aged 16 they were unbearable then diagnosed with migraine auras

Last year aged 24, out of no where got terrible migraine couldn't move neck, tolerate lights, vomiting etc like no other for about 6months was im & out of hospital - status migrainious and Cerviongenic headache. Thing started to settle with topiramate and occipital nerve blocks.

From start of July I've presented a different type of headache; left temple pain stabbing, into the eye. My eye would flicker/twitch badly people notice or just close shut throughout now I want to rip it out.

I get stabbing pains in face also lasting 30mins and coming multiple times a day. But this can be eith or eithout headache present.

I can slso have a headache going on in yhe background of it all that feels more like dull migraine. Sometimes have a red eye, it's never with the headache but hour or two before.

I can feel nauseous when this headache comes on it's that severe and when I stand I feel dizzy/spinning nothing experienced from migraine or migraine auras extent.

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I haven't any suggestions I'm afraid but I think you should push for further investigations. It sounds like it could be nerve type of problems - the twitching eye etc? As you have already been seen at the hospital they will have all your records and may be able to fast track you for an appointment. You shouldn't have to live with such discomfort, so make a fuss. You should at least be able to get something prescribed for the nausea, sickness and dizziness to calm it down.

Best wishes, hope you get some improvement. X


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