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Help me!

Hi,I'm Nelly..i had my migraine when i was 14,now i'm 23..

These few days i suffered so much since this pain suddenly came and i dnt know what to do,all i do is just sleeping whole day.Poor my 5months baby nobody look after him since im alone at home.

I thought after suffered so many years this pain wont attack me again,but look know i have no any idea.My husband and all my families member also dont know what else to do with this.

Anyone has the best options for medication/treatment??

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For a start why do does your husband and family members not help with the baby? If you have no one to help look after him then you need to ask the social services to help. You need to go to your GP and tell them the situation. You need help in both tackling the migraine and help with child care. Your baby is the most important and if you are not well enough to care for him you need to ask your family for help


Hi, I think you need to speak to your Doctor about your migraines as s/he maybe be able to prescribe something that can help. I can imagine that looking after a young baby when you have a migraine must be very difficult. You don't want to be in a position where your migraine is so bad you end up neglecting the needs of your baby You should also talk to your Doctor about this too, or is there a health visitor involved?? I am sure they will be very supportive. It may be that you need some help with childcare. Good luck.


You need to seek medical help! In the mean time try an ice pack on your neck on the migraine side.


Please seek help. There are so many treatments available now that can help. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I know that by examining your diet, etc., you can eliminate those triggers that cause your migraines.


Hi Nellylee

I have suffered a long time. Like you I had a child to deal with. I was lucky I had a helpful neighbour (social services). Short term get to a GPS and get some medication. Long term organise family and friends to help with baby when you have a migraine. Have acupuncture to help stop the migraines, it does work. But to start try to sleep as much as baby allows as this can trigger the migraines. Eat regularly as well, as this can also contribute to the migraines. Good luck. It is not easy.


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