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Don’t know what to do


Does anybody on here have migraines every day? They just started to progress and I don’t know what to do anymore. Going to see a neurologist but won’t be for a while. Is this normal ?

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I used to get a bad migraine every week and then I discovered the main culprit was caffeine in coffee. Once I switched to decaffeinated I only used to get them about every 18 months and since being on tablets after having stents fitted, no migraines at all!

Good luck with finding the cause.

Had daily migraines for years-had 3 different Triptan prescriptions,first you have to make sure your not getting rebound headaches from the meds. I found Migra spray a combination of feverfew and other elements has kept me off triptans for over a month now,I tried just taking feverfew a few years ago and had no results, it must be the combination that works.

I also tried Feverfur and it did not help.

Gosh, you poor thing, that's miserable!

I've suffered from migraine for years, but last year I started getting stabbing pains and a niggly migraine starting feeling in my left temple. It was every day, sometimes several times a day. The stabling was so sharp, it felt like someone had stuck an arrow in my head.

I saw a neurologist and he suggested going caffeine free (I had been caffeine free previously and realised it had crept back into my diet). He also said there'd been some recent studies that had shown taking high dose Vit B2 Riboflavin 400mg plus 400mg of any magnesium salt (I take magnesium citrate) can have a positive effect on migraine.

I don't know whether it's a placebo effect but it worked! If I forget to take Vit B2 I do start getting some pains start up. I still get the odd migraine (normally hormone associated), but they are milder and I've had no daily niggly pain. It's worth a try! He also changed me to a longer acting triptan and said to taken Naproxen with it, which I'd never heard before.

Hope you get seen soon and get some relief!

Best wishes


I had both classic and hemi-pleagic migraines on and off since my teens. In October 2016 I had what the neuro called a migraneous event (temp loss of awareness, followed by crushing head pain, 75% loss of vision in left eye, no feeling in left side of face, left-sided weakness). After 6 days in hospital, they released me, but over 2 years later I still have those symptoms, and am classed as having permanent migraine. The only thing to give me any relief has been Botox injections in head and neck (which I have been offered on NHS because no other meds worked), but it's only partial relief and only lasts days. Also, battlefield accupincture eased pain off a bit, but didn't help with vision.

I also have FND and CFS.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

I had them everyday. Headache specialist diagnosed Hemicrania continua. I’m taking vitamins B2, magnesium and turmeric. Also neck, shoulder exercises. The Gammacore helped and daith piercing. They are a lot better but still get about 10 days a month with headaches. Going for the GONB injections this week. Hoping that will be an end to them. Watch this space x

I’ve heard a lot about the faith piercing but I don’t do well with war pericings otherwise I would definitely try it!! Does it hurt ?

its daith piercing and it does hurt,and only helps some people. There is a web group called daith piercing for migrainers that could be helpful

Dear kitty,

I’ve had occular migraine for 9 years with all honesty there is no solition in english medicine however, after taking homeopathic medication my headaches gone 99.5 percent am always happy now and very energetic all the time. Please search on homeopathic forums or find your local homeopathic doctor. They’re registered with NHS.

Suffered for many years and was horrible usually ending with me on bathroom floor then bed for day or3.On call GP checked out various things and eventually increasing my propranolol (Beata blocker) as a preventative, in a year brilliant results.I take 80mg 7am then 4.30pm.Still get odd one but can control.Hooe you get some help asap.

Dear kitty,

Hope you are well now. Please consider homeopathic Doctor.

Warm regards


Kittykat1234- Yes, I get them everyday and have tried so many things. Right now I am taking as much magnum as my body will tolerate. A preventive and Imitrix as needed (both injections and pills). It is really hard to deal with especially when I wake up with them.