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Hello. I’m new here . I am being switched from Amitriptyline to Mirtazapine.

Has anyone else made this switch and did it help ?

I have been getting quite a few side affects with Amitriptyline.

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Hi Fitball,I have switched to Mirtazapine with good effect.

One of the possible side effects of Mirtazapine is drowsiness. My doctor has suggested that I use this to my advantage to improve my sleep by taking it at night, approximately one hour before bedtime. Works a treat but as we remind everyone, our bodies are not the same.

Thank you so much . I’m hoping it will help with sleep too .

What did you switch from by the way ?

I did the same about a year ago. Still get occasional nightmares and vivid dreams most nights with both and feel sluggish the next day but I'm not going to try anything else. I'm 64 as well, still working as a hairdresser so need to get a good sleep.

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Fitball in reply to sallyb57

Do you feel better on mirtazapine than Amitriptyline. I also still work and need a good nights sleep.

Hi I've been on Mirtazapine a couple years now I've tried many meds based in this area none have really helped besides this one it does make you drowsy but the time I take it at night late in the evening which is perfect for me as it helps me get some sleep...before it I hardly had any sleep now or time out

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Fitball in reply to Tee50

That’s great . Thank you . Fingers crossed.

Hey I got switched 3 times then had a combo of different meds, they basically have up on me it's like nothing works I was on 200mg and that reached a plateau 😑 hope yours helps and good health

Hi Fitball, four years ago I came off Mirtazapine after four years on t. It was good for sleep, but bad for weight gain, for me personally. I suppose everyone has a different reaction. Since coming of it, I have lost weight and maintained that loss. I was told that I would be on it for life, and that I should not come off it. I did not take that advice, and I came off it gradually, in small reductions over time. This was done perfectly safely. I suppose it all depends on what an individual GP or Consultant thinks is best for you. Hope this helps. All the very best. Ron

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Fitball in reply to Vindicatrix

Thank you . I have heard about the possible weight gain. Well done for coming off it and good luck in the future.

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