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Mirtazapine Weight

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Hi Everyone,

I wondered if any one has had any joy with weight loss while taking Mirtazapine? I take Venlafaxine 375mg and Mirtazapine 30mg and have put on nearly two stone. I have tried coming off it but then I feel worse 😞 the weight is getting me down my body shape has changed it’s all around my middle. I have started exercising more and trying to have a healthy diet but I can’t shift a pound. Sorry if it seems a meaningless post but it consumes so much of my thinking time...

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Hi Jean75 - It seems so unfair that sometimes we have to gain weight to feel better. I know where you are coming from. I have been on meds that make me gain weight and lose weight. And I think about my weight every day, EVERY time I walk past a mirror. It is exhausting - but I still do it!!! I have been on Mirtazapine and it also made me gain weight but it also helped me feel better. In my case, I didn't stay on it long term, but that is because it was added to a regime of several other meds I am taking and only intended to help me through a particularly challenging time and then I was tapered off. The important thing is how is the medicine working for you - mentally? If you feel like it is helping, then give yourself permission to carry this extra weight, at least for now. If it really worries you, talk to your primary doctor about a healthy eating and exercise regime. Just don't start some fad diet/exercise scheme. And shift the focus from losing the weight to helping you feel better - and hide your "skinny clothes." Get some comfortable clothes you like - that make you feel good about you. If you like bright clothes - wear bright clothes. Be you. Be wonderful, wonderful you. You are more than a number on a scale! So very, very, very much more!!! :)

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Oh Butterfly Spirit Thank you so much for your reply. I have got some comfortable clothes and I suppose lockdown doesn’t help matters. I do think it helps me altho I do feel myself slowly regressing but I think it’s a lot to with lockdown and the grim grey weather. I’m sure most people are the same... I will continue to try and exercise and eat healthy and hope I can loose a little. I hope you are keeping well x

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I forget that I think most of you are in the UK. I am in the US where I live in a state that has hardly done anything to close things up during the pandemic. That may sound good but it hasn't been because the pandemic is raging here. I am closed up, though, because I am high risk. I have been living in my bubble at home since March 9th. I work from home and have everything delivered. It is expensive and stressful. Anyway, please do take care of yourself and don't add eating healthy and exercise as stress. That's not at ALL what I mean. I am focusing on drinking more water. Just that alone will help your body. It can actually help you lose weight and it is very good for you - especially when you take psych meds. I got this jug that has times of day on it so you drink water spread throughout the day. By the end of the day you have had 3 L of water! But it is so spread-out that it doesn't feel like a lot. And, you can put orange slices in the water jug. I got it on Amazon. It has little inspirational quotes at each time slot to encourage you to keep drinking. You could make your own, though, with an empty plastic milk jug. I have been doing this water regime for about a week. I really like it. It is one "accomplishment" each day. And, be open with your doc about how much the weight gain bothers you. Maybe there are other options you can consider. Let your doctor know that gaining this weight adds stress to you, and that is the last thing you need! Hang in there. I understand, I TRULY do.

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Thank you so much. I am trying to drink more water too. This has to be the strangest year ever and a difficult one too with the pandemic. I never thought it would ever go on so long. You take care too and I will definitely try to not obsess over my weight as much.

Thanks again and take care x

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One more thing and I promise to be quiet. I just read your bio. I am sooooo impressed! You have taken on a very rigorous exercise regime, and here I was trying to give you some advice about that. I just got a small treadmill and stationary bike and have been trying to give those a try (recovering from surgery so have to take it easy but given the go ahead yesterday to step it up - pardon the pun). Second, I love Scotland. I live in US and went to Scotland in 1987 for a semester abroad at University of Aberdeen with my now husband. It was fantastic. We did some travelling, including the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. Your country is so beautiful!! We have always wanted to go back. But every year we say we will and some how time and money are used for other things... 🙂

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Jean75 in reply to Hidden

How nice to hear you love Scotland. The highlands are my favourite part of the country. I live near to Aberdeen ! It’s a small world as they say and I hope you return sometime. I just wish we got better weather haha ! I hope your new exercising goes well but definitely take it easy if you have had surgery but I am finding it is giving me a little goal each day. Take care and thanks again x

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I will let you know how the exercise goes. I am looking forward to it.

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Changefor21 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jean75 & Hidden, I have found your chat very helpful as I started on Mirtazapine 3 months ago and am definitely having some weight gain problems, along with restless leg, but cannot say I feel any benefits yet - in fact my head "hurts" & feels a lot worse! Please could you tell which jug you are referring to Hidden? (Amazon have some many) I likewise need to be drinking more water & this seems like a good incentive.

Thanks again, hope you're both doing ok. Take care & keep safe 💁🏼

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I hope it is ok if I add one more thing. I just got this in my email "in bin." I wanted to share this verse. I don't know if you are spiritual, but regardless, I think it is of value to us all: "Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony." Love is the most important "clothing," isn't it? And, thankfully, one size fits all!!

It doesn't help much, but Mirtazapine did the same thing to me. My weight was pretty much the same all my adult life until I started taking it. I gained a great deal of weight too.

It’s a great drug but definitely makes it very easy to pile on the pounds

Dries your whole body out too. 😦

Yes !

These medications do have these problems, over the years I have piled on weight, it is very difficult to loose it. All Can suggest is keep busy, do your sports and hopefully then with the help of diet the weight may be controlled.

The same generally happens if taking Steroids, Opiate, pain medication and various NISD MEDICATIONS.


Hi Jean welcome, can I please ask do you take the Venlafaxine for anxiety as I have just been prescribed it but only at 75mg

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Jean75 in reply to Whiskers16

Sorry for late reply. I take it for anxiety and other Mental Health problems. I think it has done it’s job though. But it alleviated my panic disorder albeit at a higher dose

That's a seriously high dose of antidepressant medication you are on! I am on Mirtazapine (45mg) and have been for 3 years. Whilst I feel better being on Mirtazapine I have gained nearly 5 stone. I am under a dietitian, cook everything from scratch, cut out biscuits, cake, cereal bars etc and I am still gaining weight. It is extremely unfair. When I was on Venlafaxine (225mg) I didn't gain any weight so it is possible that the venlafaxine is somewhat counteracting the mirtazapine.

As has already been said, sometimes to feel mentally better, you have to sacrifice something else. In my case (as is probably the same for you) I have ditched all my pretty skirts and flattering dresses and my wardrobe now consists of trousers, leggings, baggy jumpers and loose fitting shirts. I am weighed every month but I just close my eyes and mirrors have been banned. Take a look at Yours (yoursclothing.co.uk/). They are a plus size clothing store but are right on trend with fashion and the clothes are very comfortable.

Once lock down is over / lifted then through my dietitian I will be eligible for subsidized exercise classes so hoping that being more active may help to shift the weight.

Take care and stay positive xxxx

Wow your reply’s have lifted me...thank you for replying. I have been medicated since I was a teenager and have been hospitalised once when I was pregnant. I was very ill. I still have severe ups and downs. Venlafaxine saved my life but I think it’s done it’s job and more but the fear of change is awful as I’ve been told it will be very difficult. The mirtazapine was added in after various other failed add ins and it saved me too !

Sorry if I’m waffling I’m not very good at this

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Missy_D in reply to Jean75

I came off Venlefaxine fairly quickly (under supervision from the mental health team of course) and had no problems. I often read on here that others have found it hard to get off, have tremors, sweats, nausea etc but I had nothing. I went from 225 to 150 and then had a low dose of Sertraline added. After a week I went to 75 with the Sertraline increased. After another week I was on Sertraline only but then had a psychotic episode (I can't tolerate SSRI medication, and it always makes me like that) so was very quickly switched by the crisis team to Mirtazapine. I all but stopped the Sertraline overnight.

Everyone is different but if you want to come of the Venlefaxine then speak with your mental health team because you might find it easier than you think x

I have been on Mirtazapine for a month now after 10 years on Sertraline & have also put on lots of weigh! It is such that my knees & ankles have started swelling & hurt when I stand too long! So I understand what u r going through. I’m gonna speak to my GP to see about a different oil as it is getting me down. Maybe u should do the same?

Thanks for your reply. I’m the same it’s almost like I’m swollen !! I have tried to come off them but my mood plummeted and I couldn’t sleep but I might need to try again. I have to wait for my psychiatrist to alter my medication so sometimes it is months before I speak to him. Let me know how you get on x

Same here... I’ve been on Mirt for sleep only for 6 months 15mg every night and I’ve gained 30 lbs. I’ve been eating keto, cut sugar, stopped drinking alcohol 5 months ago and I’ve never felt like this. My stomach protrudes and my arms are chunky... the weight is all around my midsection and hips and the weight is giving me back pain. I’ve always had a slender figure and my shape has totally changed. I’m stopping Mirt today and hoping to lose this weight and feel better about myself. ❤️

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Jean75 in reply to Nico27

It’s horrendous I’ve never been so big in my life. I’ve reduced mine to 15mg with a view to coming off it completely as I can’t cope being this big any more. Keep me posted and I hope you manage to get some sleep without it. That’s the one thing I will miss if I get off it. Wishing you all the best ❤️

Last night, I tried not taking my 15mg, took a Benadryl instead... and still woke up at midnight not able to sleep. I ended up taking 7.5mg around 1am and finally fell asleep until 8am. Tried to call my dr and not able to see me till Monday.... sooo.... My plan is- taper to 7.5mg, and take CBD while I’m getting off of this crap. I can deal with the sweating, dizziness, seeing things, fog brain... but not the lack of sleep. I will stay on 7.5 and CBD until my dr appt on Monday. I hoping for sleeping pill - JUST while I am getting off of the Mirt. The fact that I’m sweating just tapering to 7.5 shows how toxic this drug is. I don’t drink at all... eat well, drink tea, limit sugar and this stuff has been literally poisoning me. I can’t WAIT to be off of it! I will keep you posted. I’m glad to hear you are tapering down... please keep me posted on how you are doing! ❤️❤️❤️

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Jean75 in reply to Nico27

It’s been good for me health wise apart from the weight !! I’m actually considering going back up to 30mg as the 15mg does nothing for my depression and I’m sure I’m fatter !! I have to wait for my psychiatrist to give me a new taper regime as changing my Venlafaxine which I’ve been on for 14years so I’m very scared xx Keep me posted on your melatonin !!! ❤️❤️

Omg!! You are a lifesaver!! I’m going to find that right now! Thank you!!! ❤️ Do u you our mind if I ask, how long did it take for you to get off of the Remeron?

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