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Well I’ve got to self isolate for 12 weeks I have copd, feels like banging my head on a brick wall

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I have similar terrible moments but then I visualize greater moments, how I would like the future to be or use something that inspires me

Thank you for your reply, that’s exactly my problem I can’t look forward I’ve been trying, I have a recovery practitioner who’s unavailable at the moment because off this virus I hope she’s well I really do,

I can’t cope with life very well

Living in the now, mindful meditation will help you to do this but may be a better way of coping - live life to the full, today and now - sense everything and realise this is as good as it gets, be inspired by the moment - be happy in the now moment, enjoy

Hi it's only if it's severe surely? I have mild copd and not considered high risk but only at risk. I understand social distancing is ok for me. x

Ive been informed by the nhs I’m at risk off getting a serious illness, ive got the letter,

Ive had a bad chest all my life I know the flu can seriously mess me up,

Be safe hypercat

Oh dear sorry to hear that my love. I hope you aren't on your own and that you have a garden for exercise and fresh air. Stay safe and well. xx

I am lucky to be living with my parents, there going to send me bonkers lol

Stay safe everyone

My ‘way’ of coping is to find someone in worse position than I am, to make my problems seem less. It may work for you?

Take care.

We find it quite relaxing, You can go out for a walk as long as you can keep yourself away from others.

Have you anywhere to go ?. Hobbies and diversions do help. Have you any distractions you can do to lift your mood, we watch television, computer and read books. We also take the dog out for walks, Wife in the morning, Me in the afternoon. We also like gardening.

If you are on your own land as long as you keep away from your boundaries you can spend any amount of time doing that