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Strange Moods Worsening

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I'm 16, I've experienced intense Depression & anxiety since Winter of 2016. By 2017 I'd get sometimes an intense almost adrenaline rush like sensation, unfortunately felt really uncomfortable & tense. Would usually dissipate In minutes or hours. I've (this year) self harmed. I don't know really why, just i can't explain why, sometimes frustration I guess, I try not to though. I've experiment with light drugs, not much alcohol. Family life has been chaotic for years. My view on life is so disoriented. I can literally go from depressed to abit "higher" in minutes. It's never true bliss at all. My body is in pain from the depression, simple things are extremely hard, shopping, even mundane things. Everything has to follow an unrealıstic flow, I've wanted to die alot, never really suicidal but. I've been to Counsilers,doctors and they always downgrade my concerns. They say it's normal but I know it's by far not. No-one else breaks down and wants to run away because they can't find nice clothes (not exadurating) if I over think how I look or just anything I just flip and basically breakdown. I feel lonely even with people in my life. I've somehow for years made characters in my head, like I'm always the girl in danger or needing protection from a guy, i sound like a freak but it's all out of my control. I self destruct or try to because "it's something to do" is how I look at it. Strong body dysphoric symptoms. Extreme sexual pursuit, I feel like I wanna die if I can't get how or what I want. It's not being a brat I swear. I'm just confused, they wont give me anything like Meds as I'm too young. I just find it so hard, have evenue infact always fantasize about running away. I'm not evil, I feel it but it's not my fault. School is hell, beyond caring anymore. Nothings fun in life at all. I've been told it could be bipolar but Im so confused, I know no actual doagnois can be made but if you suffer with it or related or know about it can you maybe give info like it's sounding like it is or idk sorry but thanks (Tags : Bipolar, Erratic)

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Hi Jamanha and welcome to this caring forum. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing such a difficult time at present. Are you able to talk to your parents or another trusted family member / friend about how you are feeling? Also, the Pastoral Team at your school will be able to help you. Please arrange an appointment to speak to them. This situation must be very difficult to deal with and you will be helped by receiving support from other members of the forum. It would be helpful for you to go back to see your family doctor and take a trusted family member with you for support. The doctor could refer you to the Mental Health team for treatment and support and then you will begin to feel better. You do not say which country you are from, but if you are from the UK and are feeling distressed, please call The Samaritans Freephone 116 123 24 hour helpline 7 days a week

Also Child and Adolescent Mental Health Health Services [CAMHS]

If you are from outside of the UK, please have a look at the pinned posts on the screen where you will find the crisis support helplines and other helpful information. Please stay on the forum where you will receive advice and support from other members. Are other members able to help Jamanha, please? Thankyou and best wishes.

I have bi-polar... and I've been through about all of that. Sooo, I'm thinking that is probably what mainly is.... Find some help, make them listen, get other doctor opinions... Tell them everything that you said here. It does get better...easier :) If anything, if you really can't get medical help currently, time flies and you'll be an adult before you know it. Trust me, goes wayyy too fast.

Good luck to you <3

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Jamanha in reply to Pandamoure

Thanks beautiful x

I'm feeling quite up and great now but I know I still need help

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