For anyone who knows about it or is at all interested, today after five months of hell I won my appeal for unfair dismissal. Some of you will know that I was sacked due to things I did at work due to depression. I was wrong to do what I did, but it was caused by depression and this has been recognised. I can now go back to work, but also get rid of some of my shame and lack of self esteem. These 5 months have been a hard lesson and I will never drink again, 3 months and counting. I also see this as a thumbs up towards understanding mental health in the workplace xxx

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  • I'm really pleased you had a good outcome in the end. Everyone makes mistakes and I hope you can move forward and put this behind you now. You've been very brave in no doubt a very traumatic time.

  • Thank you it has been a hard lesson xxxxx

  • Great news Smartbob1 👍🏼

  • That's good news Smartbob. Well done. x

  • Oh i am so pleased. This is such good news Smartbob1 Way to go

  • Great

  • Well done smartbob1 esp sticking to your guns and seeing those months through

    I know it must of been hell I was worried about a meeting I have with HR about my sickness but been told I will not lose my job it's a warning but also got told I will be given a choice either 3 mths and not 1 day out sick or 6 mths and only allowed 3 days off sick if I do any of these my sick record will be clear again but now worried I don't know when I'm going to be sick but is it always sick or is it the depression? Well I will ask them and let you all know what I get told might help someone else out

  • Thanks Champane for your kind words. It is criminal, the way companies treat people with depression. Dont separate sickness and depression as if depression is a lesser thing.Depression is just as much an illness as any. Just because it can not be seen does not make it less so. Speak to ACAS about your rights if you have not already. Dont be bullied by them. The ball is in your court. I am thinking of you as we all are on here xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nice one Bob

    Good outcome and really good that you have recognised that alcohol doesn't mix with your illness. Being self aware is so important.

    Good luck with it and take it steady.

    Cheers, Matt

  • Thanks Matt xxxxxxxx

  • I've just seen this - that's fantastic and so glad. I hope you are celebrating your strength and persistence X

  • Thank you 0101 I learned some hard but very worthwhile lessons. xxxxxxxxx

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