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Depression in the evening

Hey- I'm new here-

A while ago (2 years or so), I had severe depression in evenings, my stomach always felt too full, I felt like I wasn't feeling well, and then I'd start thinking about that night, how I would probably end up being the only one of my siblings left awake, I'd feel depressed that I wouldn't sleep, and I'd start stressing out and my heart would beat fast. I would just keep thinking about that and I would completely break down.

I'm back in another one of these periods after an episode where I was in my bed and then started thinking about being sick, and being depressed, and it suddenly kicked in and I couldn't sit still for a moment. I had the flu about a month ago after like 4-5 years without it and these things usually happen after having it.

I'm really tired of this and I'd be grateful if anyone had any tips.

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It sounds like you're ruminating. Mindfullness meditation is likely to help. Headspace app or similar.

How long has the current episode lasted?

How old are you?


The current one started a week ago or so, but it seems to be getting better now-> I've been doing crosswords during the evening and am quite enjoying them.

I'm 16


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