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Depression still going

So im in the middle of a bad ellapse of my depression although its always there its gotten worse even though my medication has been upped. Just cannot seem to get away from this fog i dont even remeber a time i didnt have it. Im 24 now and for 7 years ive been battling it i just want to feel normal again whatever normal is. Has anyone over come depression? Whats it like and how did you do it xxx

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Hey there, im your age and i deal with depression too. I still have it, but its under control i think. I do feel down at times, but rarely hopeless like i was before. I take medication and attend therapy; however, i make it a point not to completely rely on those. Im a Christian and my faith is really the main thing that helps me through this. Its fine though if you dont share my beliefs. Ive also been urged to use herbal medicine instead of pharmaceutical drugs, but im scared to make that change. Ive tried it before and it seems to work fine, but im afraid to switch over. Anyway i hope youll find peace.


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