The wisdom of the potting shed

The wisdom of the potting shed

In other words the crisis of self esteem.

I'm up to the elbows in compost repotting a geranium when I have one of my moments. It's a tired looking affair and I consider consigning it to the compost bin. The pot is far too big for it I concluded.

And suddenly I think that's exactly what's up with the flagging spirit. My life is too big for the body and I'm floundering in others expectations, work, and the mechanics of it all.

It simply can't be filled as it used to given nonstop pain, limited energy levels and I can't even see the list of to do jobbies through the fog.

Oh that it were as simple as down sizing to a smaller pot. What does that self help manual recommend. Something about pacing and acceptance. But not a jot about repotting. And now I have to cope knowing that I walk funny.

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  • LOL ! Mr Frog definately has the right attitude Nedd : )

    With regards to others expectations,I found the courage to verbally explain and firmly set the limit-some people required more repetition of 'NO' than others ! After years of being a jelly fish,doormat,people pleaser I surprised even myself ! Pacing I observe where possible but sometimes requirements exceed energy and boom and bust creeps in.All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull boys and girls,batters their bodies,stresses their immune systems and leaves their defences compromised : (

    If it's any consolation,my illness left me with membership of the Ministry of Silly Walks too !

    Enjoy the garden whilst the weather is kind, Angela : ) x

  • Enjoyed your reply hugely. It's so reassuring to realise that I am not the only member of the ministry of silly walks.

    I like the expression boom or bust but booms are ignited by energy I sort of putter and puff. Very unsatisfactory all round.

    Have a good Saturday.

  • Putter and puff ,bless you ! I noticed you post on the Fibro site. I waddle and judder ! (some spasticity) so understand physical/fatigue restrictions ! : )

    We may take longer but we can still achieve in the end : )

    I'm off for a lurch round the back field with my dog-lovely day here.Hope it is where you are : ) x