What am I doing awake?!

It's got be someone's fault.... it cant be mine?!

I do wish they'd keep the noise down....lol. (imaginary noise as it goes), but really I should be in the land of nod, Im getting into a very bad late night habit!

Why do you care I hear you cry, because If I have to stay awake I'm going to come over and wake you up!!! Surely you wouldn't want me to be awake alone?!! :-)


No you see if they 'want' to put me away they have to catch me first!

Sweet Dreams all XX

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  • yes but "they" are asleep so we can "run" around! :D

    oh for the days when I slept at night.

  • hi hamble how are you lately ! im really at a end to get some sleep seem to get cycles of sleeping a bit or none at all i dont know if your religious but i say prayers every night for those like our selves that need help but am i being selfish when i think that my prayers arent being answered i just wish to feel better again i dont know what normal is anymore ! thank you for your input and any advice you can give david x

  • perhaps they are answered, but not in ways we are aware of.

    I often try and remember what normal was and does - but we are all still normal, we just have different lives.

    Even well known actors, sportstars, entertainers, business or country leaders who appear to live normal lives still have anxiety, depression, ill-health or other challenges in their lives. (look at churchill).

    We are all unique individuals.

    I hope things soon improve for you.

    I had an awful day recently and said to myself that I wanted to "have a day off" from it. as I was getting ready for bed I realised that I hadn't had any of my usual migraines that day, so it had had one positive. so I hope you have at least one positive tomorrow :) - actually hope we all do :)

  • Wow well done, one migraine down! If you can do it with one you can do it with many. I like you had migraines alll the time. They have pretty much stopped now. I dont know why perhaps because I went back to college to persue my passion and my mind is too busy with other things. Also I spend less time sitting badly so tension had a lot to do with it.

    MORE days off Hamble! :-)

    What is it you like to do if you don't mind me asking? Are you a gardener, a painter, are you a wiz a DIY, do you like to go to charity shops? I love charity shops so much more interesting than normal shops, its interesting to see what people have bought and what they disguard.

    Oh and I have a daylight lamp which helps. One note of caution I have worked late into the night because I havent noticed how late it was because the daylight lamp was on...ha ha, its very strong!..lol.


  • Hi David it is tough at times sometimes. But

    My Late Mum used to say to me as a child ' Count

    Your blessings' . I used to get cross then but of course

    In hindsight she was right and nowadays, even on a bad

    Or so so day, I try and count my blessings.

    David you take care and be kind to yourself today.

    Hannah x

  • hi hannah thanks for your kind words ! i do try to count my blessings but im been finding it hard at times ! i get periods of morbid thoughts just wish i could get some sense of normallity ! take care david

  • Hi David well remeber today that I will be

    Putting you at top of my list for a prayer

    For you.

    David I used to get those kind of awful thoughts

    But now those kind of thoughts have lessened, I

    Think a change of Meds really helped.

    David take care and talk again.

    Hannah x

  • Hi, evelyn here,I'm not religious but I've started to pray!! I will put you in my prayers. So desperate to try anything that may help! Hope you sleep better tonight? My thoughts are with you. X

  • Seriously is that message for ME? That's sooo kind. You don't need to worry about me, how kind.

    Generally Im a happy little bunny. My troubles are to do with my childhood, if I get down its because I can't or don't know how to cope with something that is happening because I had such a messed up past. I can get blindsided by things sometimes. Rest of the time Im okay. Hope you are okay Evelyn ...aways throught that such a lovely name...but how to pronounce it eh :-)

    Im not on medication so if I feel crappy its 100% my fault , dual edge sword. Many people on here have to cope with far worse than I. And the people here much like you are soooo lovely and they put up with my silliness and games.

    Hope you find what you need and THANK YOU again, I really appreciate the thought XX

    Sending a HUGE HUG X

  • Hi sorry I've been offline for a month, how are things with you? Evelyn. Xxx

  • Hi

    Had periods of good sleep, now Im back to bad sleep, thats how it goes...up, down...lol. I have things on my mind and right now I have been taken over by the curse!...taddar.... monthly for some anytimey for me.

    I realise now I was under so much stress in my last relationship I stopped bleeding all together for a few months! Now Im bleeding like its gone out of fashion!

    What that means is hormones are rife and I feel like crap but I keep reminding myself, I feel this bad because of my hormones, everything is okay, I need not worry too much in reality. But you know how it is, it is like luna maddess and the physical pain is almost unbareable, but it has always been thus, for me at least...lol.

    Hope things are well with you?


  • hi caroline hope you get some sleep soon as it is getting very late ! sorry i havent been on here much had a crap couple of days not feeling great cant get to sleep feeling tearful i do hope things get better soon ! hope you feel better soon david x

  • Hello hello Celtic I fell asleep! Sorry, what a cow posting a complaint and then falling asleep...lol.

    I know this isn't really about sleep for you, but how about this ole Thatcher (Im not a fan) but she used to get 3 hours a night. It is better if you can sleep but how much do you really need, try and take the pressure off your self of 'having to sleep'. Say okay well if I sleep is a bonus if not Im going to read, or listen to the radio or do something. Just for a while 'let' yourself lose sleep.

    Another thing is maybe acknowledge what sleep is, it's a chance for your body to catch up, so read up about what sleep does for your body and once you understand the mechanics maybe you will want to sleep from another perspective.

    Lastly take a nod from the kids, when you want a kid to sleep you wear it out during the day, is there any physical stuff you could do and most importantly enjoy! during the day? A walk perhaps ( I find I have to have a reason to walk ie I have to go and get something, do something). Your mind will ease off when you can tend to your body a bit. No great leaps, just little bits here and there, good food, more light, and engage yourself, entertain yourself, as and when you can.

    I looooove doing jigsaws, I never get to do one because I don't have the time or the space but they are great for just tuning out and sooo addictive!

    I really hope you feel better soon and the normal you well you are the normal you your just stressed out! Be kind to yourself your poorly, treat yourself as a small child and look always for the things that make you smile, even little things. Make it your life's work to notice what you love and allow yourself to have it as often as you can.

    You know all this I know, Im just reminding you. You have had happy tmes in your life and sure as eggs is eggs you will have happy times again, for now be kind to yourself, dont try and change everything at once, put problems on the shelf and for the next few days go on holiday (in your head) say Im taking time off, I'll come back to all this worry in a few days time. You just need some breathing space a little break from your mind constantly turning things over.

    Im only sharing what works for me and has worked for others. Baby steps. We all want you to be happy, if I could wave a wand I would.

    BIG KISS and thanks for replying x

  • hi caroline thanks for getting back to me it got about 2-3 hours of broken sleep ! my wife finished at 8 am. so shes shipped me off to bed for a couple of hours ! i was messaging my sister last night she usually has trouble sleeping also but she takes the time to help me when i need it she is so understanding she knows how i feel at times as she has mental health issue but still finds the time to help me ! after my wife she is my rock and helps me when i need it !david x

  • TOP TIP: David if your off for a nap, listen to a Radio 4 extra play, listen to something like 'The Visitor', 15 Minute Drama, Vikas Swarup - The Seventh Test such a great story and you will be off in the land of nod in a thrice. Lucky you being married I wish I was :-)

    Have a wonderful day X

  • thank you again david x

  • Good morning Caroline and I hope no men in white coats

    Lurking around to ' take you away ha ha ' . We would miss you.

    I hope you managed to get some sleep and talk to you later. Have a

    Good day as they say In the States.

    Hannah x

  • Hannah I swear you are and ANGEL, thank you. Yep all fine, slept well had nce dreams, slow to start today and in full avoidance mode... ha ha. My biggest thng as ever is tidying, I tidy I mess stuff sooo fast it would make your head spin and then have to start again, it like theres the good Caroline and the evil messy Caroline :-) I know just how Jekyll and Hyde felt... ha ha. If only I had the funds to employ Siobhan...lol. I know thats not the attitude!

    Well hope you have a lovely day. Im going to have just a litttttle bit more rest cos Im super tired and then Im going to be off and away like the proverbial hare!


  • Oh Oh can I share something Hannah, monday for the first time in my life I went to a Pediatrist I've been in pain with a foot infection for about a month now. I went to the docs and they did nothing, so I went to the Pediatrist and she fixed it just like that 10 minutes. My foots a little sore but no pain! I feel like a new person a huge weight has been lifted. She says a week to heal :-)

    The reason I mention is because I wanted to ask how your pain is these days, fingers crossed you dont have any, that would be amazing. If you dont mind me asking that is.


  • Caroline thanks for asking and yes the good news is

    That I have no pain and that is amazing . I am so. Thankful as

    We need to always have gratitude even if it's a crappy day. lol.

    You take care and talk later and Im glad that you are better


    Hannah x

  • Really...oh yipppeee Im so please. Hannah how you stood it as long as you did I know. Im so pleased for you, I know it isnt the answer to everything but lack of physical pain does help :-)


  • I too was awake until 4.30 am!! But I don't take my phone or tablet computer to bed. I did manage to sleep from 4.30 until 10.15 but it's still not the 9 hours that I function best on!!

  • I know why you can't sleep Caroline - you have been up to no good and have a guilty conscience! Was it you who burned all my crinolines and onesies? Thought so - it serves you right then :d Am back in mini skirts and high heels now and am gonna walk all over you at night! :) Ha ha ha. Bev xxxx

  • Walking ON me! What is this 50 Sheds of Grey...lol. OUCH!

    No No young Bev if anyone's waking anyone up, I will come round your house and play the tuba whilst Andy does his newly learnt Morris Dancing!

    Nice to see you've gone all 60's again :-) Is your hair bouffant these days....ummm


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