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Still feeling terrible

I posted recently about my situation and just need somewhere to express how I'm feeling. Things are still the same. I'm not sleeping well at all, have terrible headaches and feel exhausted. I can't stop my mind going over and over my worries about losing my job, not being able to work ever again. I know this is not helping me but can't control the anxiety! Off to the GP again on Monday.

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Please do not worry, things hopefully will work out,see your GP on Monday. You have Christmas and New Year to settle yourself down and given a little time you may be able to see a way through this rough period of time

Remember you can always call here and someone will always give support

All the very best for Xmas and New Year


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I'm glad you have your GP appointment on Monday. You should ensure you tell him/her exactly how you feel. With some help, things can get better.

The people on here are nice and helped me through some very bad days, when I felt just like you do now....there always seemed to be someone who understood or with some helpful advice.

Thinking of you.

Let us know how it goes at the Drs

Sue x

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Thanks for the replies. Feeling pretty bleak at the moment!


Hi Neil sorry you feel bad. You sound as if you Re Depressed S we tend to

Ruminate and keep going over the same worrys again and again. I think

You will have to be quite frank with the Doctor. If I remember you are I

A stressful relationship too. All those things can contribute to feeling

Stressed and anxious. You may need to make some life changes and

Stop taking on all the responsibility.

When I used to get stressed I would get headaches and tense shoulders,

But nothing will change until you see what can be changed in your life.

Sometimes we look to Doctors to solve our problems but if you sit down

Quietly and think about your home life and the stress, you might find

Some of the answers to your problems. There is no magic pill, we sometime have to change the way we are living our lives. Depression

Can be a sign that we Are In pain , or we are stuck, that we need to have

A good look at our lives and be honest with ourselves

Don't give up and keep posting for support.



RE: your doctors appointment, try writing down everything you want to say/try to keep a mood diary. It'll stop your anxiety getting in the way in the appointment, and will help the doctor to help you.


Thanks everyone for the support. I'll let you know how I get on at GP.


Hi, me too. Been up since two am and really struggling. You are not alone. Anxiety is off the scale, worst thing is I had none for 5 weeks but the last four days have been hell. I hope you improve. I'm gonna work on improving today, so lets make a pact eh. X


Hi, I'm trying today by trying not to listen to my anxious thoughts and doing some mindfulness/relaxation. What about you?


About the same really. It's eased a bit, a bit. X


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