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Hi their

I am taking Mirtazapin tablet and I want to stop taking, could someone advise me, because of recent problems, I feel dizziness and irritation noise above my ear. Could be side effects?

I did MRI, blood test, all the results are normal.


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Is your doctor aware you are wanting to stop taking mirtazapine?

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Inhealthy in reply to Hidden

I am not going to stop without my doctor concern obviously. but one of gp doctor said can be come out from the system, it’s confusing me.

Infect doses are reduced.

I take mirtazapine tablet at night, I feel dizziness in the sleep as well and I wakeup.


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OsidgeModerator in reply to Inhealthy

Good. Coming off medication should always be by agreement with and under the instructions of your doctor. Take care.

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Inhealthy in reply to Osidge

Sure, thanks

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