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Hi! what will happen if i masterbate on 7th day of my circumsision??, i am scared

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100% do not!! Leave your penis alone! There’s a reason all the doctors say not to masturbate for at LEAST six weeks…and that’s because if you do before the recommended time you WILL damage it and cause complications,pain and longer healing time.It takes the six weeks just for the surface layer of the incision to heal,it’s very thin skin and very delicate,do what the doctors say,have some patience and willpower and leave it alone.If you don’t and ignore the medical advice then you will probably regret it.

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versa2508 in reply to Mubbles

so six weeks is the time frame ? basically dont touch it for anything but peeing for 6 weeks ?

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Mubbles in reply to versa2508

Afraid so🥲😂

I masturbated at around day 10 and I was in severe pain for 2-3 days. It def was not worth it and it delayed the healing process for quite sometime.

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versa2508 in reply to Carl33

how long were you advised to wait ? was it painful during or just after ? did you do any damage ?

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Carl33 in reply to versa2508

I was adviced by my surgeon to wait for 8 weeks (two months) which is way too long and hard to wait. It was not painful during. But a few minues after, lord jesus, I was in major pain. I don't think it did any damage, but if def delayed the healing process.

Couldn’t agree more with mubbles, just leave it alone

Best advice is wait six weeks. Put your mind elsewhere and try not to think about it.The first time after six weeks was amazing I have to say 😊

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versa2508 in reply to jaglad

like letting off a fire extinguisher ?!

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xsevenx in reply to versa2508

Ha ha!

doctors say 3 to 6 weeks to heal. if you need to release sexual tension learn how to milk your prostate by massage, it works well

Also can i now wear underwear on my 9th day of circumsision? it doesn't hurt anymore, but it still tickles whenver getting touched

I wore underwear after about a week. I did have two weeks off work. So, I roamed around my house naked. After a week, I put on tight underwear and started going on short walks. It was uncomfortable because my glans were very sensitive.

were you advised to wait a certain time ? who did it and how was it done ?

6 weeks pal. Did mine yesterday and was told no sexual activity for 6 weeks. I'm playing it safe and waiting 8 weeks.

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Mubbles in reply to Charlo20

Definitely best to err on the side of caution mate.

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