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3 weeks post circumcision

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Hey guys, what a ride this has been and Feels like I’m no where near the end I still have quite a lot of stitches in place. Erections aren’t hurting me anymore but I still got specs of blood from the incision line when I do have an erection. The sensitivity isn’t an issue anymore that’s basically gone. I’m loosing all faith and feel like I’m healing sooo slow. Also not very happy with the job done as now looks like I have a shark fin instead of a frenulum 😅

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I won’t lie this has ruined my life

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Cazarak in reply to Greent94

I'm 3 weeks post as well, from what I've read it's just time. How are you cleaning it? Im nervous as shit and don't want to stuff anything up

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Greent94 in reply to Cazarak

Hey mate I’m having a shower everyday and using Epsom salts in a bowlTo gently run the water over it found today that my incision line has not actually


I have no idea how I’m not bleeding it’s also


Me feel

Super dainty I see doc

On 27th hopefully nothing bad happens between now and then

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Epsom salts are useless. They do nothing. The salt wash that is recommended for keeping the healing penis clean is made from ordinary salt that you would put on food. It is a mild antiseptic. Epsom salts are used for soaking muscular strains and sprains.

Stick with it, it will improve. Still early days. What I found worked was talking about it (do you have a partner?) and taking one day at a time. There will be ups and downs along the way. I've still got some swelling 5 weeks on.

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Greent94 in reply to circblog

Hey circ, thanks for your reply I do have a partner indeed. I hope your journey is going well your correct some days it doesn’t bother me that much but I’m just getting seriously fed up 😅, feel like surely my stitches should have all been gone by now where as I still have quite a lot of them.

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circblog in reply to Greent94

I still had stitches after three weeks. It might just be that it's the ends of the dissolvable stitches you can still see. The thing with dissolvable stitches is that only the bit under the skin dissolves, the bits outside won't. Have a good soak in a bath if you can and see if they work loose. Don't pull them, just rub them gently. Mine sort of rubbed off. Any bleeding or pain stop. Also hold off masturbation/sex as long as you can - it might look ready from the outside but it won't be internally. Good luck.

I'm four weeks post-op tomorrow and still have most of my stitches - at least the bits sticking out. one seems to drop off overnight every 2-3 days. the NHS leaflet said it could take 6 weeks for them all to go so not overly concerned.

Is all your incision line closed I’ve just noticed apart of mine has not knitted together and I can see inside ☠️🤢😵‍💫😅

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It will heal. Just keep it clean.

gosh...it sounds awful....i hope you will soon feel much better. What was the reason you needed circumcision.?

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Greent94 in reply to secrets22

Hey mate I was told I had mildPhimosis and I was basically

Ignored for 2 years then told this was only option.

It takes time. If you're worried, book an appointment with your doctor, but it seems like everyone heals differently. I've still got the same swollen incision line nearly eight months down the line. If it hasn't gone down by March next year, I'll pop to the private urologist for the "touch up" he recommended. My advice: relax and keep your sense of humour about it :-).

Always make sure your wound is always dry.. sometimes sleep totally naked, it'll help. Some of my stitches started to fall off after two weeks and then I ripped the rest using a nail clipper. Fourth week i started to masturbate and i had absolutely no problems at all.. On Thursday I'll be 7 weeks post circumcision. You will heal, don't worry be patient.

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Greent94 in reply to Rerora

Thanks mate glad your recovering well I doubt I will be that good at your stage as my incision has a fairly big whole to combine together yet probs take another bloody 6 weeks lol I fear the worst 😵‍💫

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Rerora in reply to Greent94

Hey man I'm sorry about that. I hope you have/you are healed/healing properly.

This sounds so familiar - from the reason for surgery to the regrets in recovery. I know this doesn’t help you, but it’s been reassuring for me to hear, so thought you might feel the same.

I’ve been told that my scar, around the actual cut, has healed really well (probably better than most, and def better than the surgeon had expected) but I ended up at the ER on the weekend after surgery, due to the pain being out of this world. Anything slightly resembling a hard on and I’m back in the hurt locker.

Your description of a dorsal fin, is bang on too. Hopefully it’s a source of fun in the future, but right now I hate it, like the fact that I had to have the surgery.

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Greent94 in reply to NottaDr

Hello mate,

I also seen a doctor yesterday about the gap in my incision line.

Most of my line has healed nicely shut but I do have a whole but was told it will heal closed overtime apparently. How long ago did you get the chop if you don't mind me asking. I feel like the information regarding what to expect after circumcision is super low even coming from doctors at my first consultation i was told 10 days and my life will be back to normal haha what a lie that was...glad my experience resonates with others and always here if you need someone to talk to :)

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NottaDr in reply to Greent94

I got done 8 days ago.Day 3 after surgery had a full scale breakdown, in so much pain, in a ring around me, which had me petrified that the whole point of the surgery had been missed in the surgery.

I brought forward my visit with the specialist, who extended my sick leave out to 2 weeks.

I was due to head back to work today, no way that would’ve worked.

I look forward to the idea of a hard on not scaring the crap outta me.

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Greent94 in reply to NottaDr

Hey man sorry to hear you’ve been abit scared, I’m 5 weeks this Sunday and all stitches are gone my gap in incision line is getting smaller and smaller by the day but yes I still have a ugly huge boldge of welling under where my frenulum was not very pleasing to the eye 😅😅, I see some nice cuts on here and think wow my surgeon must of hated me for some reason and gave me a Frankenstein cock lol

Waiting for your updates guys. I had my zsr circumcision 2.5 weeks back and have a wound at one of the staples due to errection. It is bleeding slightly every day since last 5 days..don't know what to do. Doc says it will heal itself just keep it clean but that is not so assuring.. Even the ring hasn't come out from the side that is healing fine..

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