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When will Circumcision swelling will go m too worried and pain while retract


I have completed my circumcision , now after 7 days stiches are gone but little bleeding and main issue from swelling which are a big problem and skin doest go back ward and smegma is coming too much

What about the swelling m too worried

Is circumcision is done well or not please review guys

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Relax bro I’m 5 weeks in an still have a lil swelling

Prith_1 in reply to Cuttyy

Frenulum is important for erection ?

Cuttyy in reply to Cuttyy

You not supposed to be retracting right now

Prith_1 in reply to Cuttyy

No i m not able i m worried

Prith_1 in reply to Prith_1

What should i do now is surgery is okay ?

Cuttyy in reply to Prith_1

When you get erections to you retract ?

Yes but little even i m getting less erections from before

OsidgeModerator in reply to Prith_1

Swelling can take many months to fully subside. You are very early in the process. If you think you have a problem, please consult a doctor.

Hi. Was yours partial or full circumcision? Looks the same as mine and I'm on day 14 with the same amount of swelling and foreskin as shown in your pic

I have large swelling after my penis head, I'm 5 days into circumcision. And also I'm getting alot of erection and they may have caused my wound to open.

Don’t worry, had mine done Oct 2018 and was worried sick with the stitches, bleeding, and all that. The penis heals itself naturally well! Give it time. I bathed in epsom salt daily after 2 weeks to clean the area.

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