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Celebrating 6 weeks post circumcision

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Today I celebrated 6 weeks of being circumcised with a pleasurable masterbation session.

I do have some discomfort under the scar. It’s a bit hard in some places. How long will this last. Can’t wait till it smoothens out into one piece.

Does anyone else feel their penis leans a certain direction now? Mine hangs to the right now and not straight down.

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Your penis looks absolutely fantastic! It’s beautiful. Marvellous circumcision. My penis hangs slightly to one side. Not sure if that’s due to circumcision but I don’t mind it.

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Clbs in reply to

Thankyou Peter. I’m just blessed that my doctor did a great clean and tight cut.

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ThorskinsHammer in reply to Clbs

Yeah he did a great job. High and tight just like some of us dream of, lucky dude

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Clbs in reply to ThorskinsHammer

Haha thankyou I’m enjoying it

Great looking circumcision. It's normal for your penis to hang a little to one side. Mine did slightly a little before the circumcision. I'll have to check now to see if it still does,

Does yours veer to the right or left

I thought it was a little to the right in the past, but haven't noticed it recently.

How long untill your scar tissue disappeared? I have some discomfort while masterbating with the hardness underneath

It's been six a half months and I still have some that I don't mind. Seems like a year would be is a good time to evaluate how much scarring there is.

Ok thankyou

I had a left pull before my CIRCUMCISION and it is still to the left when erect. I’m ok with that.

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Clbs in reply to Stinkpot56

Mine curves more to the right. How long untill your hard scar tissue disappeared?

Hey, looking really good man breaking god you must of had glue to close your wounds. I usually hang left🙂

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Clbs in reply to MrMac99

Thanks, I had glue. I felt it was the best way to get the neatest result. What did you have?

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MrMac99 in reply to Clbs

Yes definitely a lot neater great result.

I had the stitches back when I had it done it wasn't an option for me to have glue. if it was now I would definitely have it that way.

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Sundar1990 in reply to Clbs

what is that glue? does that mean they will not use zlr stapler circumsion?

Which doctor and clinic did your circ? Looks fantastic! Nice and even result. Beautiful

Ye all looking normal lad enjoy it slight side swing is norm lol

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Clbs in reply to Tedboyg

Haha thankyou


How many days after circ were you able to masturbate?

Which lube did you use?

Are you still happy with the decision?


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Clbs in reply to martintrente

I started lightly at 2 weeks. I used bio oil for lube. It was the best decision I’ve ever made

Thank you man

Yes, yours definitely looks very nice, better than my "boy" penis

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Clbs in reply to martintrente

It will look much better when you get cut

Im so jealous wish i was cut

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Clbs in reply to latino2000

Get cut then :)

Don’t you get tightness when in full erect?

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Clbs in reply to Sojoguy

A little but it’s comfortable. Used to it

Lucky dude , very precise circumcission

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