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Post Recovery Symptoms?


I had VM August 2012 and was hospitalized for 3 days. I'm much better after several weeks off work and phasing back into things. Just lately I have had some extra stress at work and with my ex-husband. Today at my desk I have a tingling on my right side of my face, not as intense but similar to what I had prior to being hospitalized. Do I need to go to the doctor or just relax and find an outlet for my stress? Other than ringing in my ears (mostly at night), I don't seem to have any other post VM symptoms. Can anyone give me advice as to how to get beyond this? Thanks. I'm thankful this forum is out here.

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When in doubt, check it out! You never know and if it is just stress, Don't ya love that saying, "just stress". Resolve the stress. Simplify your life as much as you can,. Kind Regards, Jeffery


Hi there JoyG, I do empathise with you. I too returned to my work which I loved post VM and then found small stressful things really making me feel ill, tingling in the face just as you mentioned and headache, feeling of anxiety which I had never had before. I can only suggest my brain wasnt recovered sufficiently to handle anything much. It seems OK at home, walking out each day in the fresh air, dealing with day to day routine, but work is quite different and of course it has its stresses, all work does. I found using the computer at work to complete my normal updates etc even stressed me. Be careful, I ended up digging my heels in and staying there, only to make myself so much worse and prolonging my recovery. I slept all the time I didnt work, so that wasnt living realy when I look back. I am now 4 years post VM, I often think it may have been easier without that drive to continue working. Its been a very very slow revovery and I still feel unwell if I get overtired or very stressed but nothing in comparison... I would urge you to be very careful, take your time, take more time off if you can, reduce any of the external stresses you can and live your life in the moment. I wish you luck, and like Jeffery says, simplify your life, you only get one go at it. ,


Re extra stress right side of my face, best to go to your doc,

stress sometimes can be a warning you are not 100% well, best of luck hon


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