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Headaches 6 months post VM

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I'm currently having daily headaches 6 months post 2 hospitalizations with asceptic VM of unknown origin. They actually seem to be getting worse of late although my stress levels have increased. They are always occipital - a dull ache (base of skull) and temporal (both sides above ears)- sharper pain. Does anyone else have daily headaches 6 months later and what helps?

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hi remaininghopeful I hope you are feeling better than when you first came home.

i am 2 years post v encephalitis/ meningitis. i still have really bad headaches if I am in a sunny position or I look outside the window into a sunny aspect. I wear a good pair of sunglasses that are 3 rated. This helps my headaches. I hope this helps.


I am 20 months post meningitis and still suffered with severe headaches and migraines where my original pain and swelling was in my brain. This would still be the case now if I didn’t follow a very specific diet (this was proven over Christmas when I ate normally for a couple of days and then a had bad relapse). Certain food contain inflammatory properties and, therefore, inflame pain and swelling in our body. I follow a very anti-inflammatory food diet and lifestyle now and that’s the only thing that gets me through daily life without pain relief. I also take zinc and magnesium for recovery and a vitamin B complex. I eat certain foods at certain times of the day when I know my pain could potentially heighten and this also helps as well. I can, at times, get away with eating normal food but I have to ensure I’ve ate well prior to that. Also drinking a lot of water and turmeric tea helps. I have one tea in the morning and one in the afternoon. If I go for days out I make sure I have certain foods on me to help me through the day.

If you need any more help or support feel free to drop me a message. It is possible to reduce headaches but I know how debilitating and hard this recovery is.

Take care


My Dr prescribed Amitriptyline. I'm finding at least 30mg at night helps. My pains are in exact place yours are.

So good to know I'm not alone!

Hi RemainingHopeful, I will be post 4yrs aseptic encephalomenigitis this March 9th. I continue to have sharp head pain as I have scar tissue from brain swelling. It gets worst when I am tired, as overdoing work, or stressed. Its intermittent and there is not much I can do but if it lingers I take Indocin. Talk with your doctor about it and what they can prescribe for you. It's a journey but you will learn what your limitations are and continue to live life.

Anyone get chest pains and a numbness go over their head? And I feel like a headache coming 7 months post vm


7 months post VM for me and also daily headaches. I started a job in November and my headaches are much worse and constant from the stress and shortage of rest and sleep.

Hopefully it will get better for us.

I had a neuro appt last Thursday I'd been waiting on for 5 months. He put me on a new once monthly injection called Aimovig. It can take 3-6 weeks to begin to work. So far I do think my headaches are less in severity, but still daily; it's really too early to tell. I've also been changing my diet to no dairy & low (if any) gluten so that may be helping too. Hang in there!! Congrats on the new job :)

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