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Cryptococcal meningitis

I just been admitted with the same symptoms of cryptococcal meningitis . Fluids have been taken waiting results I might be having a relapse since I had this meningitis last year in september. But now am worried about the side effects what damage am going to left with . I have heard people loose a few year of their lives & neurological problems even dying so please enlighten me.......

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The fact that you are typing this and even spelling correctly tells me you are in pretty good shape. (With MM, all I could do is scream out in pain, beg for a pain shot, and answer that , "No, I have NOT taken any drugs.") Then after coming out of a 10-day coma, I was paralized and in EXTREME pain, especially in my legs and feet which were turning coal black. This was my condition for MONTHS.

You're typing intelligently and rationally. Looks to me like you're going to be released very soon & with very few aftereffects. ALL of my aftereffects were much much worse during the first 2 months of hospitalization.

Now, 35 years later, other than weekly shooting pains in my legs & feet, I have very few side effects.

Looks to me like you're going to be just fine.


Hi dear thanx for your encouragement . Actually am still wondering why am I not having these sysmptoms because I was admited also in April the 1st time. So that means I had to be In hopital twise.Then couldn't walk or keep food down. Then they told me that the treatment I was on depleted my potasium . When I goggled found potasium is vital for my organs to function properly . Then I started eat 2 bananas a day it made a lot of difference. So the second I was admited I stocked up on bannas &if u can't stand them eat them with Simba chips. The headaches would go away

But I would advice they do blood culture to check if everything balances then take it from there on what needs to replaced..your minerals in your system then see what happens.M

At the moment still in hospital the results came back they were negative but they said my immune system is fighting something but they don't know what it is . Therefore am antibiotics via a drip for 10 days.


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