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Bacterial Meningitis

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Hello everyone!

First off, thank you all for sharing your stories. I have been reading all of the stories over the past few months and it has really helped me cope.

In October of this year, my father contracted bacterial meningitis. He was in and out of a medically induced coma for 3 weeks in the ICU. He was moved to a regular floor at one point and then was rushed into emergency spinal surgery at 3 am because the infection had lodged into his cervical spine.

I have never in my life seen anything like that. I can't believe what bacterial meningitis can do to someone. He was completely insane and dellusional, thinking everyone was trying to kill him when the infection was at it's worst.

It is four months later and he is in a rehab center. He can't walk or do anything for himself. He is a lot better compared to where he was but it is still so hard to see him so weak and helpless.

I have been doing lots of research into nutritional therapy to help him (I am a nutritionist) get strong and build his immune system again. Does anyone know of any support groups or organizaitons in the US?

THanks for reading this!

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Hi! I'm glad your father is moved to rehab and hope his recovery goes well! I don't know any organizations in the u.s. But I am also in the u.s. So I am interested in finding out too. It seems like meningitis now is so amazing, wish we had that here.

I'm in the U.S. too (Florida) and I don't know about any support U.S. groups whatsoever.

And in the 39 years since I called for an ambulance, I've never met anyone with my meningococcal septicemia & DIC after-effects.

Your father's after-effects sound like those I had. Does he complain about EXTREME leg pain?

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He had extreme leg pain before but his overall pain has subsided substantially since the initial infection. His mobility is limited and he still can't even feed himself.

You are a lovely caring daughter and it's nice to see you wish to help your dad. I agree, BM is so agressive, it can floor the strongest, healthiest of people. The effect meningitis has on the brain, goes to show just how sensitive our brains are. The body cannot cope with such levels of infection. i can't help from the nutritionist side, just wanted to send you a message of support and wish your dad a full recovery. 😊

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Thank you! <3

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Hi Everyone,

Here is a link where you can find information about meningitis organisations in other countries:

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Hi, I am sorry to hear of your father's illness. As far as the nutritional approach, I would strongly encourage you to investigate GAPS and Dr. Terry Wahls approach. Both approaches work well to encourage gut healing while promoting very low inflammation. I know two families that have contracted Lyme Disease reverse all their symptoms with GAPS and Wahls (which is an autoimmune version of nutritional ketosis) has been shown to help with a variety of disease in numerous studies. I have a friend who is using Wahls now with his son who has MD, and he is seeing some profound improvement after four months now. These might help your father's healing. Thought I would pass this along in the event you were unfamiliar with these protocols.

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Thanks for the info! I have heard of GAPS not Wahls. I will have to check them out again!

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