Meningitis triggering hypothyroidism?

Hi everyone! I suffered bacterial meningitis in September 2015, so 11 months ago, and there are a number of after effects that I have been trying to deal with since. However, i am wondering how common it is for meningitis to trigger any thyroid problems? Thyroid runs in three generations of my family including my sister, and i have noticed i am struggling immensely with my weight - continuous weight gain despite moderate exercise and a healthy diet. I am also extremely fatigued, never feel refreshed after sleep, muscle aches and cramps for no apparent reason, low moods and snappy, and i always feel slow and sluggish. Its hard to know what exactly is a result of the meningitis and what could be anything different. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • If hypo thyroid problems run in your family I think it would be good to ask your GP to get your thyroid level checked. Would also suggest a heamoglobin check for anaemia. Yes it is difficult to know what is causing which symptoms because there are other things that can cause the problems you have and it is very easy to assume it's all meningitis after effects.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond, I think I will book a doctor appointment ASAP to get it checked, does anemia cause excessive weight gain also? Thanks again

  • The weight gain could be link to you being less active which can be a consequence of low thyroid, depression, anaemia etc

  • Ah yes I see. That does make a lot of sense. Thanks again strawberrycream and I'll let you know any updates X

  • I had Bacterial meningitis ad now have hypothyroid condition but it was not diagnosed until about 14 years after the attack..... hope you feel better soon Sorba

  • Thank you Sorba! x

  • I have had viral meningitis 4 times and was diagnosed with Graves' disease after the 3rd time. I kept thinking my symptoms were related to the meningitis because it takes me about 1 year from each episode to feel "normal" again.

  • Gosh, poor you but how incredibly strong and determined! Thats what i'm confused about, what of my symptoms are normal post meningitis and what could be something else. I have a blood test scheduled for Tuesday though. They are just doing a standard Thyroid Function test (THT) but ive heard they should be doing 6 kinds of tests, do you know much about this?

  • Tsh would be fine, if it is high or low then they could order more tests

  • Glad you are getting some blood tests to check. Tiredness, joint pain etc can also all be after affects of Meningitis. I was told it would take approx. 2 years to get to the best I will be. After that you learn to live with it and compensate and use different tactics for memory loss etc such as a diary etc. Very best of wishes in your recovery and god luck with the blood tests.

  • Hello hello, it's so nice to meet you😍!--but I'm SO SORRY to hear that you're enduring such hardship😢. It sounds like you're having a really rough time of it, and my heart goes out to you❤️.

    I have suffered multiple cases of meningitis and meningoencephalitis, with similar post-infectious symptoms to yours, and would be delighted to share some of the causes that some very clever doctors of mine uncovered (some which were directly related to the meningitis--i.e., lingering "post-infectious squelae"--and some that were secondary illnesses), and the more effective interventions they had to offer too, if you like😍.

    The previous posters expressed some excellent ideas above that are well worth looking into, and I think you might have had a doctor's appointment/blood testing done yesterday in reference to some of those suggestions, if I read your messages correctly (?) .

    The things I have to add are different than the possibilities listed so far, which as I said were excellent (and even crucial, I would say; the potential causes they listed are not only common but very debilitating, so I think it's highly worth your while to test for them, since ruling them in or excluding them from your realm of contributors would be equally informative and necessary knowledge😋).

    Given all that, perhaps I should refrain from posting my own suggestions, until you've gotten some feedback on your most recent tests from your doctors(?); if you haven't gotten any joy there, I could give you the details of my experiences then(?). Of course, I'd be delighted to give them to you now, if you wish--whatever is most convenient and helpful for you😍.

    If that's the case, I'm wondering if it might be better to send you the information in an email(?); I'm a newbie to this site, so I'm not familiar with how many messages we're allowed to post, and/or how long each post is allowed to be--and as I mentioned above, I've had meningitis/encephalitis numerous times (and been diagnosed with numerous other illnesses that either caused or exacerbated my post-infectious symptoms), and I suspect it will require a rather long post to cover all of that😄.

    Just let me know what you need and how you prefer to receive it, and I'll do everything in my power to be of service to you😋. In the meantime, you're in my thoughts and prayers; best wishes for ever-increasing health, energy, clarity, joy, and peace😍

  • believe it or not, I had bacterial meningitis at age 3. That was back in 1980. I recovered, but never thought certain issues I dealt with were side effects of BM ,until now. Once I got puberty I started noticing changes in my body, weak muscle tone, difficulty maintaining weight. In my 20's I started developing nail fungus. In my 30's I began having headaches and weight problems that have become more severe now that I'm 40. All these issues are linked to hormonal problems cause by hypothyroidism.

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