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How to recover from after effects of Meningitis

Hi, 2 years back my son was effected by Meningistus and due to that he lost his eyesight, speech,hearing and could not hold his neck straight. In short only heartbeat was there and rest was not in workabale condition even he couldnot move his single finger

I just want to know if there is any possibility that one can come out of it and can be independent. As per doctors ,his brain got damanged/effected by viral meningitis and they are not giving any sort of hope for recovery . I used to have his EEG tests after every 6 months time and every time Dr says that there is still a damage.

Currently he can listen a little bit, walks few steps by holding my hand but he is still depended on us.To control his fits , he is been given Eption medicine (liquid)

Kindly help me in this regard if anyone has any effective ideas or remedies applicable to bring him in his life back to normal.


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Hi asherbutt,

I am so sorry to learn of your son's post meningitis complications. That boy must have gone through hell. In fact he is a little hero. I had bacterial meningitis 13months ago. I lost my hearing as well as not having functions on my fingers and feet. I eventually got my toes amputated. But after a couple of months, with the help of physio and occupational therapies, I regained functions in my hands. I got cochlea implant and now could hear and answer phone calls. I am still working hard to get back my independence and hope with time, I Will achieve it. I think your son Will get better and independent with time. Though you didn't mention his age and at what point he got the meningitis. All these play important role in the post meningitis recovery process. More still, keep hanging in there. Don't expect automatic full recovery. But things Will get better with time. Thumbs up


thxs Vasco for the support. very kind of you. my son was only 2 years old when he was attacked by manengistis and now he is 4 yrs old. Please do remember him in your praryers. will pray for all the people who are suffering from such diseases. God bless all of us .


Im so sorry to hear your story and I wish your son well.. God Bless

I am iin My 50s now and sadly about 1 year ago i had My 4th Attack of meningcocal Meningitis ( Yes 4 so I guess i should be pleased Ive survived I suppose ) As a summery i had my first 3 attacks in childhood and had appeared to have had little effects. Sadly 30 year on and I was again in hospital in a coma with Bacterial Meningitis again . Regretfully this time I have suffered with complications and to be honest plague My life . The main issues are severe Memory loss which is so embarrishing as i will remember some ones name or information but then its lost and i dont know whom im talking to or even some basis knowledge . Another complication is My hearing is impaired impaired and I seem to have difficulty with my breathing from my nose and i hear sounds in my ears , which is difficult to explain . I also suffer head aches freaquently and take regular pain killer , co codomol ,. I feel it necessary to only work part time afew days a week as my energy levels are poor and im often tired . I also believe my eye site was effected but this is difficult to engage due to my age early 50s .

I know Meningitis can effect people in different ways , however i would appreciate any person who has suffered or has medical insight in to this condition to email me back.

Thanks Kindly


HI , I don't know how you are able to type out the problems. My mother is in a bad condition. Please pray for her. She has TB Meningitis but her recovery is too slow.. So many survivors have left a comment behind that gives me hope that she can be one of them.


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