Anxiety after meningitis

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can relate to my story and my overactive anxiety. My little boy got diagnosed with meningitis at 6 wks old, thank god he appears to have made a good recovery and is now 15 wks. The main issue now is me and the fact I can't seem to move past this. I really should be grateful he's been so lucky and I should be treasuring every moment we have but instead I spend every waking moment over analysising every spot, cry, temperature change. I just wondered if anyone can offer reassurance that anxiety reduces over time?

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  • Am so so sorry to hear that your beautiful baby boy was ill with Meningitis at 6 wks old. I am not surprised to hear that you are now struggling with being extremely anxious about him getting ill again. I think it might be helpful for you if you ring the Meningitis Now freephone helpline 0808 80 10 388 because having a conversation with someone will be a lot more helpful and you will be able to express your emotion about all that you have been through and you unstandable fears you are now living with. They are very understanding and supportive, and have lots of helpful info they can send you, plus other services that might be helpful for you.

    Very best wishes

  • Thank you so much, I think I will ring them. I was just worried they've got people calling with real problems and I should be grateful my son is well and, basically, stop moaning. Thank you for responding 😊

  • You and your son are important. He has had a serious illness and Meningitis Now are there as much for you as for anyone else. Please don't minimise what you and your son have gone through because it is still significant. Do please ring them because they are a great support. Doesn't matter if you get upset and cry, you need to express your fears, emotions and worries to someone who really does understand. Hearing a voice and having a conversation is what you need right now. They have community support workers who can come and visit, or counselling can be funded for you etc etc. x

  • Hi there,

    I can really feel you and i can surely say that i also been through this stage after my baby girl recovereda

    We are now 13months post her recovery. She is now 16 months old and i still panick when she has a temperature or when she feels unwell.

    It does get better over time but the way am experiencing it: the trauma will never leave.

    I just keep reminding my self how blessed i am as a mother,that my child is healthy after this big adventure.

  • Awww I can completely relate, I spent yesterday in hospital because he had a temperature and a rash and I just went into meltdown. The hospital were fab and very understanding and the upshot was he has a viral rash and temp and he's fine. I think I have to just reprogram myself not to see the worst case scenario with every cough and cold, it's just really tough though isn't it?

  • You are not alone. My son had it a year and a half ago, and I am still anxious. In some ways, I think it is a form of PTSD. In other ways, just natural concern for your child. You both went through a physically and mentally exhausting experience. Give yourself the time and understanding you need to process your feelings, and I agree with the prior poster - find someone to talk to about how you feel.

  • Thank you, it's so good to hear someone who can relate. People have been great but I think in the back of their mind they're thinking "oh she's panicking again". I think there is an element of PTSD that hits you when everything else calms down. It's good to know I'm not cracking up though x

  • Hello could have written this post myself! My little boy was 20 days old when he got Bacterial meningitis

    We were sent home from the out of hours Gp even though Charlies temp was almost 40

    We were in hospital for a further 6 weeks and I felt very much the way you are now.

    The most difficult thing for me to come to terms with was not knowing where it came from. Trying to prevent something happening again when you don't know where it came from is terrifying.

    I've got digital thermometers In almost every drawer in my house. I don't sleep that much because I spend a lot of m time watching him. Lots of people say be greatful he's ok, but I still struggle to this day with self guilt, replay the night we took the doctors word for it and took him home, the dreadful ordeal of the lumber puncture, blood tests, having to hand him over so they could take him to theatre and run a line to his heart because his veins were just too tiny to stay Cannulated.

    I cant talk about even now without getting into a panic. I feel like I failed him on an epic level. I'm just so greatful I trusted my instinct and took him to hospital. We were literally hours away from there being a not so happy ending.

    I messaged meningitis now and they suggested a buddying up scheme which didn't really appeal to me because it's still so raw.i didn't want to compare notes, I wanted someone to give me answers, which no one can. I arranged some PTSD anxiety counselling through my health visitor which I haven't had chance to start as my husband got very ill soon after getting home with Charlie. I was worried at first they would say it's PND _ but it's not. I'm not depressed I'm just struggling to process the worst experience if my life.

    We haven't got to the usual milestones yet mobility wise as he's only 22 weeks but he can see and hear so that's a good start. We've had follow up meningitis meeting with hospital pediatric and they say they are happy with him.

    I'm sorry this post isn't helpful to you. I just wanted to reassure you I know EXACTLY how you feel. I hope you can find a way out of the fog.

    Feel free to private message me if you want to . Xxxxx

  • I really can't tell you how much your message has helped, it's exactly how I feel and practically the same experience we've had. I'd love to private message and talk more but please say if you feel it would be too painful x

  • Private messaged you my email 😚x

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