We are delighted to announce that from 6-10 May 2013, we will be having our first ever Viral Meningitis Week!

We are delighted to announce that from 6-10 May 2013, we will be having our first ever Viral Meningitis Week!

This annual event aims to educate people about viral meningitis, raising vital awareness of this type of meningitis and its impact, ensuring that sufferers aren’t forgotten.

Please like and share with your family and friends!

Watch this space for more info.

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  • Will there be anything in written format I'm out of the country then :( I'm in recovery so I'd really appreciate any information from this event. Thanks Michelle

  • Hi Michelle, we are producing a fact sheet on viral meningitis for the week. You'll be able to download it from our website.

  • Thank you so much Meningitis Trust. This is fantastic news. As we know so many people who have had and are recovering from VM still have so many unanswered questions as to the after effects they have. On top of this, as I know first hand and many people I have been in contact with, we are still so misunderstood. So many people see us as looking well on the outside but have no idea what's going on on the inside, so to have a VM week will hopefully help educate those that are not sufferers. This is great news. Will this week include a forum where VM sufferers will be able to get together, either in person or maybe on an online forum? Thank you again MT for showing how much you care. Dave.

  • Hi Dave, thank you for your comments - we are really looking forward to raising awareness with our viral meningitis week and making a difference. Those are great ideas - we are looking at holding a discussion here on health unlocked, as well as a question and answer session with our nurse led helpline team. We'll keep you updated :-)

  • Fab news, finally we are being heard... going to inform my doctor... Maybe he needs to read! I think practices far and wide should be made aware of the vm week.

    Thank you



  • This is brilliant news and very welcome for those of us who have survived what is generally considered, but actually isn't in a lot of cases, a mild disease.

  • Thank you Meningitis Trust, this is really great news

    Like so many have said before, this illness can be very isolating and is often mis-understood by family, friends and even our own doctors.

    Awareness is the hand that lifts the veil.

    I'll look forward to hearing how we can help 'spread the word' in our communities.

    Thank you again :)

  • Thank you so much Meningitis Trust, with out this site i think i would have lost my marbles, just having your help and talking to others it got me threw some many dark times, so a big shout out to you all :)

  • \ditto as Tiga says... without you I would have lost MY marbles too. Thanks to Meningitis Trust for keeping me hanging in there.

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